Thursday 17 June 2021
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Do not talk badly about your potential clients on social media

The internet is slowly but surely become what I would like to refer to as “Gods eye”. You may think it’s not watching but know that everything you say and do is always tracked.

I’ve come to realise that often most of us tend to air our frustrations on social media and we go out venting to the wrong people about the wrong things.

Take this for example, a few weeks ago someone who I’ll refer to as Jack, had reached out to a certain company in Namibia and had offered his services to them. However the said company from the way shade was being thrown around social media did not accept his offer and chose to make use of other means.

This clearly did not sit well with Jack because the company not having responded to Jack send him on a spiral of sharing various negative opinions, which to me was pathetic and childish, if I must say.

We as people need to realise that there are reasons why certain companies do not take us at the first go when we apply and this happens in various career fields.

We won’t always have our bread buttered on both sides and we should be okay with that.

I remember sitting down with someone who told me that she had been rejected various times when it came to her career as a model, but she never gave up.

She kept on pushing and not once did she ever use the times she had been rejected in the modelling industry to speak negatively about those who turned her down.

What kept her going was the understanding that certain things are suited for certain people at certain times. And I believe this is a notion we should all live by.

Perhaps the things we cry and wine about aren’t what we need and perhaps better things are a head. However, we destroy these better things that lay ahead because of how we speak bad on social media about those that turned us down.

We really need to do better beloveds, because at the end of the day, years from now you may forget the negative things you may have said about a potential client on social media, but believe you me the internet doesn’t.

Let’s be more aware of the things we say on social media, remember that you are building a brand and a name for yourself – don’t let something as little as not having gotten the opportunity to do something turn you sour.

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