Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Artists reflect on 081EVERY1FEST

It’s been close to two weeks since the country experienced a first of its kind music show where both local and international artist shared a stage. The event saw about 16 952 people attending it but brought with it mixed reactions from the public as well as the artists who performed during the 081EVERY1FEST.

Reflecting on the entire experience earlier this week, Namibian artists PDK, Gazza, Adora, 4×4 Too Much Power and Afro Berries each shared their sentiments on how they experienced the event.

The ever- so- vibrant PDK praised the event for having been a great show as Namibia has never had such an event in such a long time. Happy with the location of the event, PDK explained that it brought people closer together in the heart of Windhoek.

Further expressing their views on the performances, PDK noted that there were several international acts that they had expected would have performed better.

“Perhaps that the way they perform but from what we have seen on YouTube we expected something more electrifying from them. However our local artists the likes of KP Illest, Sally, and Adora put in so much effort, we were feeding energy from the crowd it was a good show”.

Gazza, who many say was the crème de la crème of the night expressed the same sentiments of the show having been a great one but at the same time highlighted a few issues he noted that MTC should try to improve on.

“The whole event was a success no doubt but I would like to shed light on some matters. Getting to the venue was convenient however going home was crazy as  I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour, my car was slightly damaged.

My hospitality rider was conflicting to my sponsors, I have endorsements and had specifically requested for Play and got Red Bull and we had to remove the drinks. Perhaps these are things we can look at”.

Afro Berries each shared that they were pleased with the event even though they were worried about performing so early in the day.

“We were concerned that people would not see us perform but there was an actual audience during the day and we got to show of our work, which was great because we got to share the stage with big artists. The back stage area was well organised and the entire event was a highlight for our career” said Afro Berries.

Having been possibly the biggest audience that Adora has performed for, she explained that as an artist she was treated with so much hospitality.

“From the beginning I was treated well, I requested for strawberries and pineapples and received a whole bucket full that made me feel appreciated and many should learn from it” she concluded.

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