Saturday 15 May 2021
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Don’t call me fake, because I did not show up to your event

Earlier this week I read something on twitter which I totally did not agree with. There are actually people out there who are busy calling their friends fake for not showing up to their events to support their craft.

We need to realise that we are all human and we all have lives of our own that we clearly all need to live.

If I do not come to an event where you are debuting your work or any of your other events such as party’s or wedding celebrations, please do not take it the wrong way.

I for one will show up to an event when I am able to depending on whether my schedule allows me to do so or not. I hate the fact that people in this day and age go around questioning a friendships credibility on someone not having been able to make it to their shows and yes I am calling out artists that have a habit of doing so.

We are all grown now, let’s stop acting like children. Imagine basing a whole friendship on whether someone can make it or not, it’s stupid to be quite honest.

I believe friendships are built on much more than that. You guys really don’t know how to act your big age. Most of us have a habit of always wanting to question people’s realness, yet we do not sit back and check ourselves.

If we can easily call people who we consider friends, fake without looking at other areas of the friendship what does that say about you as person in return then?

Let’s stop stressing and guilt tripping each other for no reason because it’s not right. Before you want others to be a good friend to you make sure you are a good friend to them as well.

Don’t go straight to social media to call them out without speaking to them firstly. I am sure that sometimes we all need a sense of direction, if I am doing something that you don’t like then come to me as a good friend and speak to me.

Help me understand that me not having showed up to your event made you feel a certain way.

Remember that those you go vent to on social media could care less about what you say!


This column is based on personal experience and in no way reflects the editorial policy of this publication

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