Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Tailor made for you!

Described as your “ go to store for bespoke, stylish and elegant garments for work, events and every day style” Lumiere is a Namibian owned styling studio.

Feeling unique, beautiful and confident in specially designed clothing, tailor made on the basis of individual taste, personality, body type and confidence, Lumiere is created to meet the discerning customer’s desires to stand out in a crowd. This is a trait that Lumière The Style Avenue has managed to pull off effortlessly with no hassle since its inception.

The store was established in 2009 and opened its doors to the public in 2014. Aiming to produce retail stylish quality clothing with a touch of elegance and authenticity, Lumière The Style Avenue has managed to add bridal styling services to its bouquet of service offerings.

Lumière means light in French, which sums up how its owners look at their creations and how they would like their customers to feel when wearing their bespoke garments.

The founder of Lumière The Style Avenue Vistorina IIlonga, started off by styling close friends and referrals as a hobby and over time the word spread. Thus the store was introduced to the public through pop-up shops before it found its own home in Frans Indongo Gardens.

Speaking to IIlonga earlier this week, Ilonga revealed that despite her not having imagined that retail and fashion would be a path that she would find herself on, but clearly fashion found her.

Her earliest memories include close friends who would always take a liking in her quirky style as they termed it. “Some of them would request for my assistance in dressing them and for others I would shop for and that is how my love for fashion started off. This all resulted in sourcing unique clothing and I eventually grew into producing clothing over time”.

Encouraged by a close cousin IIlonga opened up a store of her own, where she could sell the clothes she produced and get her brand out there.

The store eventually found its place in many fashion lovers’ hearts and has grown in leaps and bounds. Having had numerous highlights such as the launch of its online store and having been part of the Make-Over competition in collaboration with Appletiser, IIlonga notes that its been nothing but a great honour to collaborate with the international brand.

“It certainly has exposed and elevated Lumière to another level. This has gone to show that there is power in working together. With regard to our online store, I believe it is evident that the world is moving into the digital space so we resolved to join the bandwagon, we want Lumière to be accessible to everyone and not limited to Namibian borders”.

Styling plays a big part of Lumière The Style Avenue and this year IIlonga highlights that the store has been engaged in styling and dressing Namibian Music, Radio and TV personalities.

“We were also afforded opportunities to style and dress bridesmaids, groomsmen as well as individuals attending weddings, gala diners and many other events. Currently, I direct in Styling and we hope to employ a stylist who has an understanding of fashion. Oft times, someone wishes to wear something that may not particularly be suitable for their body type and as a stylist you need to be honest and convey that.

Styling is so much more than picking out an outfit and presenting it to someone to wear. There are many aspects to take into account, the outfit might be smashing but the person is not comfortable or confident enough to wear it. As a result, interaction is required to access the personality and work towards what the client is confident in”.

With the current economic crisis that has many businesses feeling its pinch, IIlonga highlights that as opposed to when the store opened, there is now clearly a less disposable income in the market. However she notes that the store has been blessed to continue its operations despite this.

“Ours is a story of Grace and in addition to that through creativity, hard work, and tenacity we have been able to stay afloat”.

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