Friday 18 June 2021
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Tweya appoints NIDA and Estate Agents Board

The Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Tjekero Tweya yesterday appointed business personalities to the boards of Namibia Industrial Development Agency [NIDA] and Estate Agents Board ( NEAB).
NIDA Board members will serve for three years.
The new Directors of the NIDA Board are Frans Kwala, Marcelina !Gaoses, Diana van Schalkwyk, Anita /Naris, Job Muniaro, Hans Jochelson and Uparura Kuvare.
Tweya appointed Kwala as chairperson, he will be deputised by !Gaoses.
“I have full confidence in this team. They each bring valuable expertise and excellent qualifications to NIDA,” said the Minister. He further announced that an extensive process of due diligence ensued with background checks conducted on the members of the inaugural NIDA Board.
He said he has no doubt that the Board is excited to drive industrialisation, trade and SME development in order to transform Namibia into an industrialised economy. The agency will be responsible for executing, monitoring, reviewing and updating of industrial policies implementation while developing new opportunities for value addition.
“Each of them pledged their full support and commitment to this noble assignment bestowed to them as a Board and they have informed me that they will as individual directors and a collective Board discharge their fudiciary responsibilities with distinction,” he said.
During the same press engagement, Tweya announced the new members of the Estate Agency Board. According to the Ministry of Industrialisation’s website, the Board is tasked with protecting consumers in estate agency transactions while having regard to the interests of the industry; maintaining and promoting the standard of conduct of the industry; and regulating the activities of the estate agents in general.
The minister said the Estate Agents Board played a role in the drafting of the Namibian Property Practitioners Bill, hence one of their key performance indicators is to ensure the fruition of the entire process.  The Bill is expected to be tabled soon in front of Parliament for debate.
The Board members of the Estate Agents Board are Anne Gebhardt, Nelly Neliwa, Amalia Maxine Schmidt, Tjizembua Hongonekua, Phillip Namundjebo, Agostinho Victor and Ricky Hameva to serve on the Estate Agents Board for three years.
Tweya did not appoint a chairperson for this board.
“You will realise that I have not announced who the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are to lead this team. The Board will convene at their earliest convenience and they will take the initiative to elect their chairperson and deputy chairperson,” he said.
He added: “It is important for me to state that this is a temporary Board while the process to repeal the Estate Agents Act No. 112 of 1976, as amended by the Amendment Act No. 28 of 1987, is underway. The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development drafted the Namibian Property Practitioners Bill to repeal the current Estate Agents Act, the former being approved in principle by Cabinet,” Tweya said.

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