Saturday 15 May 2021
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A review on Chopsies and it’s management

Often times I find myself hanging out at Chopsies bar and I always vibe with the place. When I wanna just sit back relax and chill with my shisha, Chopsies is the place to be, when I wanna enjoy a good time with friends, grab a beer or two or just pretend to be an adult and get a glass of wine Chopsies really comes through. It’s a brilliant establishment and I often times persuaded a few of my friends – to their demise to go and hang out there.

The bar that is situated smack center of Windhoek is perfectly balanced, with an open area as well as the indoor bar and dance floor. Though aesthetically pleasing to those that enjoy the effort of the effortless look and feel of the bar, Chopsies has been getting a lot of bad reviews over the past few months and after my experience with the place I have to admit that hanging out at Chopsies has become very uncomfortable and annoying at times.

Last week Friday as per routine I ended up at Chopsies to celebrate a friends birthday, but when I reached the entrance the bouncers/security people wanted to charge me a whole N$100 for wearing sweat pants! Yeah in shock I just stood there thinking about all the reasons why I feel like I’m being robbed. My other friends went through while I was planning my way out of the dilemma, mind you there were ladies walking in with bras and leggings and they got in on normal rate.

Ntja I decide okay I live like 10 minutes away let me me go home and change, did so and when I got to the entrance; guess what these people decided, it’s 12am – so the price has gone up and we have to pay N$20 on top of the normal rate. Man, was I annoyed!

I found my cousin outside and she was complaining too, the security had made her leave her pepper spray with them, which is fair no doubt but they made her buy it back. Like yo! A person just tryna be safe!

I just need to know the logic behind this. I get that ladies bring the crowd (male crowd) that’s just bar/club culture. Not sure if that’s okay to subject women to such inhumane practices, but it is what it is. We can’t complain about morals when we heading to a place where most people go to forget about their morals, that’s if they have any.

I need anyone to tell me why it is that I had to pay N$100 for wearing sweatpants when it was cold outside, when theere were ladies walking in half naked and with leggings, Guys leggings – they are not pants!!! Isn’t that blatant discrimination and double standards? For a place that claims to be for the people which people are we talking about?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not out here trying to convince anyone not to enjoy what the place have to offer. Establishments have bad days too! But I just need someone to explain to me why my sweats are a problem.

Would it be better if I came there naked too? Would it be better if I walk in with just my gym leggings, would you still charge me 100?

All I can say is I’ll still be going to the place don’t get me wrong, but I can’t convince my friends to tag along when I myself don’t feel that it would be worth it.

But imagine 10 people think the same way as I do because of similar situations or even worse, that’s about 50-75 other people associated to those 10 people that can remove themselves from the place because of just minor difficulties and discrepancies.

I’m just tryna support as many locally run business as I can but if this is the quality I’m subjected to then miss me.


This review is based on personal experience and in no way reflects the editorial policy of this publication

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