Sunday 20 June 2021
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KinoNamia Film Festival

Created for professionals, amateurs and cinephile’s who are passionate about film making, the KinoNamia Film Festival is set to take place from 25 to 27 August at the Goethe Institut. The festival aims to showcase talent by creative people and allows them the opportunity to produce short local stories without being limited to ideas, topics, genres, styles and type of filming equipment creatives want to make use of.

The festival falls under an international movement called KinoKabaret, a non-commercial movement for passionate film makers that is represented in more than 70 countries all over the world. It took place last year in Namibia for the first time.

This year the festival will allow for the transfer of skills among upcoming directors, actors, cameraman, editors, sound designers, musician, scriptwriters, poets and everyone who would like to express their creativity in filming. The focus is largely on the youth.

It will also provide a platform for networking among creatives while learning about screenplay concept formulation, cinematography, sound engineering, producing, directing and editing. During the three day festival, participants will form groups with one another, after which they will be expected to put the videos together for a public screening.

The brains behind this year’s festival, include media developers Hannah Lesch and Julia Odoj, creative artist Andreas Elifas, writer Berny Baisako, film directorThe First Victor, YouTuber Comfort Ajibola, script writer Tutaleni Lekido, graphic designer Daniel Mgawi, actors Costa Katuuo and Ndamono Shikoyeni.

The organisers have also teamed up with sponsors, Namibia Film Commission, Goethe Institut, Cramer’s, Poiyah Media, Goethe Café and Deutsche Welle in an effort to help create a platform where more Namibian films are produced in Namibia, targeted for Namibians and the international markets.

Describing how the design concept of this year’s KinoNamia came about, one of the organisers Daniel Mgawi who has lived all his life in South Africa shares how the diversity of cultures in Namibia has played an important role. Having sat down with emerging creative visual artist Andrew Elifas, Mwagi highlights how the two brought their creative ideas together on how they wanted to take on branding this year’s KinoNamia.

Mgawi shares how the diverse fauna, flora and the harshness of the Kalahari Desert that finds itself in an environment that radiates beauty through warm colours also contributed to the idea of the KinoNamia theme for this year.

“My main goal was to showcase resilience, what is resilient in Namibia, the tribes and their ability to survive on the land which can be so harsh yet have so much beauty – especially the San people. I saw a picture of a San woman wearing a beaded headband which had a distinct pattern of squares. I grasped the concept and added it KinoNamia.

I also did more thinking on other elements that reminded me of resilience and stumbled upon diamonds which also share the beauty of Namibia. Diamonds are one of the strongest rocks found on the planet and this makes them more valuable.”

The pair along with their other team members also created orange minions that symbolize KinoNamia which will be incorporated in most of their promotional videos as a means of building up a sense of excitement up until the day of the festival.

Calls for more participants who would also like to contribute to the film making process of the film production of the festival are invited to register before the closing date on 19 August. Members of the public who would like to attend the public screening can purchase their tickets from Kramer’s or the Namibian Film Commission.  Free KinoNamia t-shirts will be given to the first 50 people and only 100 spaces available on a first come first serve basis.

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