Monday 17 May 2021
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‘We need to celebrate artists more when they are still alive’

Shock Waves of sadness have spread throughout the music industry upon of the untimely departure of the thirty four year old Kaandjetu hit maker and music producer, Moses Halweendo whose stage name was Jomolizo.

Jomolizo is said to have died earlier this week in Engela hospital due to alleged poisoning.

Jomolizo hailed from the Ohangwena region’s music career started off in 2009, where he worked as a music producer. Upon being encouraged by family members to start a career in music, he dived into it and released his first love song.

After that several song releases followed suit.

Known as an artist who focused mainly on creating music with a mix of traditional sounds, dancehall, gospel and Afro-pop, his music appealed to many Namibians. Jomolizo has featured the likes of Afro-pop, Teckla, Stunner, Shitana, Bantu among many others.

Taking to social media a fan who was still very shocked by Jomolizo’s death, shared how very important it was that Namibians learn to celebrate musicians when they are still alive.

“We are all sharing his pictures but when he was alive we never shared his posters, we never bought his music nor ever attended his shows including myself.

I seriously believe that we should start appreciating people when they are alive and not when they are gone”.

Another fan on Facebook also highlighted that people usually do not celebrate Namibian artists while on earth, however they only start recognising someone’s art after death.

“Namibians won’t really care about you when you are here but when you are gone they celebrate you to the point where they will even nominate you for the NAMAs. We need to change”.

Jomolizo was signed to Deal Done Records, his manager Djokic Dragan, also known as Antonio shared the same sentiments noting that we only celebration artists once they have passed on.

He states however that this is not a situation unique to Namibia, but that it is a worldwide norm.

“There are many cases where big artists would fade out of the lime light and only become famous once they have passed on; we have normalised this and now it seems like nothing is wrong with it”.

Antonio further noted that from a business point of view he has lost a talented artist and will remember the late Jomolizo as the easiest guy he has ever worked with.

“I work with 20 to 25 artists under my label, he was the easiest guy, he always got work done and never brought me any problems.

He listened to my advice and its really unfortunate that he is gone.

I am sure that it will take a long time before I find another artist of his caliber”.

Rest In Peace

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