Thursday 17 June 2021
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Stay away from relationships if you are broke

If you do not work or have any source of income I encourage you by all means to avoid getting into relationships. We need to stop acting as if love alone will pay the bills because it won’t.

I am urging you guys to stop dating when you know that you do not have money. In this tough economic situation that we are finding ourselves in, we can’t sit around and stare into each other’s eyes while our tummy’s growl because of hunger and base it on the ‘we are together because we love each other’ line. We need to call a spade a spade and tell it like it is, who is going to feed who?

Relationship in general are just stressful imagine arguing with your partner and using up the little energy you had saved up from your plate of noodles you had eaten in the morning.

This is how people start to cheat on each other, they look at other people’s relationship that are flourishing and are stable because it’s glued together by the money that they spend on each other.

People want to receive gifts, they want to go on dates, they want to receive girlfriend allowance as well as also receive money to fill up their cars, money to have regular visits to the barber shop and all this is only made possible once money is made available in the relationship.

People want to wake up to daily +32626 text message notifications that say hi here is N$ 5000 go have lunch. We do not need these good morning beautiful or good morning handsome texts that are only accompanied by a kiss. In this day and age people deserve assurance like Davido best explains it ‘I give my baby lifetime insurance, when money enters, love is sweeter’.

Please do note that people who want to feel financial secured in relationships are not gold diggers they are just people who know what they want and know the truth of money having the ability to create comfort in relationships. Imagine being in a relationship where there is no money and all you are left with to do to show love is have sex where possibilities of falling pregnant are high.

It’s funny how we don’t realise that it’s always in broke relationships where babies are made, now you are left there with no means what’s so ever to care for the baby and even have dololo money to have an abortion.

So please I say this once again in the best way possible, stay away from people who cannot improve your life financially, perhaps look for love but at the same time make sure the person you fall in love with is also able to provide you with something moveable like car, money or something.

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