Sunday 11 April 2021
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MTC Promises Tight Security – 081EVERY1FEST

The MTC 081EVERY1FEST set to take place on 11 August promises tight security for members of the public who will be attending the show.

Given the event’s stellar line up comprising the big guns in Namibia and from the rest of Africa, add to it the affordable access fee of N$25.00, the festival is anticipated to draw a considerable number of music revellers and audiences. This has made the safety and security aspect to be a key priority for the organizers.

MTC, in collaboration with the City Police Crime Prevention Unit and the Namibian Police have assured the public that a comprehensive security plan is in place with sufficient measures to ensure a smooth event.

During a press conference held earlier this week, MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo noted that the 081EVERY1FEST like any other event of this magnitude requires tight security and as the organizer MTC will not compromise on that.

“We want people to come and enjoy without having to worry about their safety nor the security of their vehicles.
We are thus looking at having at least four capable local security companies, the City Police crime preventing unit, City Police Traffic Unit to manage and coordinate traffic movement in the vicinity of the stadium, and the Namibian Police Force”.

Gates are set to open as early as 11:00am in order to facilitate a smooth entrance and to avoid crowding at the gates at the last minute.

Ekandjo highlighted that MTC is excited about the 081EveryFest and remain exceptionally pleased that the proceeds will be channelled to a good cause namely the Shack Dwellers Federations through the Buy a Brick initiative.

This initiative will help to provide security in the form of shelter to people who cannot afford to secure a roof over their own heads.

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