Monday 12 April 2021
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Police refuse to take blame

The under fire Namibian Police says blaming the force members will not ease the pain nor will it bring back the lives lost during the killing that took place at Louis Botha in Windhoek West.
In just over a month, seven lives were lost due to the Namibian Police’s failure to act on reported abuse cases. Last month, five family members were killed in Rundu after the police failed to react when they reported that their lives were in danger. Head of NamPol Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi spoke on the issue of alleged police negligence by noting that there were a number of issues that he was not at liberty to discuss in details with the media at this point in time surrounding the incident but mentioned that there were issues of blackmailing and refusal by the victim.
“The victim complained now and then about wanting to press charges until finally the police themselves insisted that given the nature of the complaint she should open a case and that’s when the case was finally opened which was a day before the tragedy happened” he said.
Kanguatjivi further highlighted that yesterday morning Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga assembled a team of senior officers to conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether there was any negligence from the part of any of the officers who handled this matter and if so for appropriate action to be taken.
On Wednesday twenty four year old, Alina Kakehongo was fatally shot dead by her ex-boyfriend, twenty eight year old Shali Nghihepa an officer from the Special Reserve Force who also turned the gun on himself. He died on the spot while Kakehongo died on arrival at the Katutura State Hospital. It is alleged that Kakehongo on several occasions approached the police station to file complaints after Nghihepa had threatened her but her pleas seemed to have fallen on deaf ears until her brutal killing. On   Tuesday at around 12 noon Kakehongo opened a police case with case number CR173-07-2018 at the Otjomuise police station.
Many members of the public believe that the tragic incident could have been avoided had the police intervened the very first time she went to report the threats he had made towards her.
It is also alleged that Kakehongo also pleaded with the said officers who were on duty at the time to confiscate Nghihepa’s pistol from him as she deemed him a danger.

Details of the brutal killing
Kakehongo was a student at the International University of Management, who was doing her internship at Louis Botha supermarket and was no longer in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.
It is alleged that Nghihepa wanted to get back with Kakehongo but was not happy that she did not want to get back together with him. Nghihepa did not take Kakehongo’s refusal lightly and is said to have started threatening her.
She is expected to be laid to rest in the North during the course of next week, according to a family spokesperson.  A memorial service is also being organised in Windhoek.

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