Monday 12 April 2021
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Percival scoops international awards

Aspiring twenty-six-year-old Namibian Jazz & RnB musician, Percival Rinquest recently walked away with four gold medals, four overall winner trophies and a CSM Words Music Scholarship worth U$ 5000 at the 22nd Annual World Championships of Performing Arts which was held earlier this month in Long Beach California.

The World Championships of Performing Arts is the only event of its kind Presented by Worldstars and brings forth singers, musicians, dancers, actors, models and a variety of artists all ready to compete against each other in front of judges that are picked from the entertainment industry.

This year participants from Namibia went all out and definitely put the country on the map. An overwhelmed Rinquest took to social media after having won medals for categories RnB/Jazz/Soul, Open, Original Works and contemporary, as well as Champion of the world/Overall division winner for the categories RnB/Jazz/Soul, Open, Original Works and contemporary, RnB, Jazz/Soul, Open Contemporary and Original which he participated in by noting that he was pleased to be bringing these awards back home to his mother land.

Speaking to The Lounge, Rinquest who opts to look past the awards highlighted that being recognised on an international level has not only motivated him as an artist but has also gone to show that there is much appreciation for the hard work he puts into his craft as a musician.

“The awards are just awards, of course they add good credits to an individual’s biography or resume, but I am happy they saw more in me. I am truly still humbled and forever thankful for the opportunity to have achieved what I did at the championships”.

He further shared that during the championships he realised and was reminded that there are not only a hand full of performers but a world full of artists.

“One will never be the only and the best performer the world has to offer but I can surely say that I was reminded to work harder in all aspects of my art, from studying my instruments all the way through to the business aspect of my music career”.

Having had the opportunity to meet and network with other performers, Rinquest explains that he only wishes that those he had encounters with during the competition have learned or felt inspired by him in some way.

“For those who might have felt like giving up I just hope that I was able to fuel the notion of always working towards perfecting ones craft even when it seems like it’s a dead end. I also hope that the spirit of positive growth and persistence has rubbed off on them as it has rubbed off on me”.

Being on a Championships of Preforming Arts platform is not new to Rinquest, in 2005 he performed at the Namibian Championships of Performing Arts where he won gold for both RnB, Pop categories as well as overall performer.

The same year he also partook in the South African Championships of Performing Arts where he also won gold for RnB and Pop and World championships where he as well won gold for RnB and Pop.

Ever since the age of six, Rinquest describes himself as an artist who is growing in his art and style.

“I like to be flexible around my art, this is how new sound is created. I feel like I put myself in a box classifying myself as a musician who only does a certain or particular genre. As Miles Davis said ‘its social music. As long as people enjoy listening to what I do, I am happy because there is no greater feeling of gratification than people appreciating the art you have worked on for many years”.

Throughout his career Rinquest, has also performed and made appearances on numerous stages both locally and internationally.

“I performed at the Windhoek Jazz Fest, Battle of the Bands. ATKV KykNet with Solly Philander, various HIV & Aids as well as Cancer awareness concerts. I was also the opening act for Grammy award winning recording artist Anthony Hamilton”.

He only hopes that in the years to come he will be able to work hard enough in order to end up in a position where he can help develop fellow Namibian musicians.

“I have grown to a point where as an artist, I feel like our voices should be heard. There is really not much for our artists to live off in this country. The industry is growing of course, but not at the pace I personally feel it should.

Our leaders and our people can help change the current status dramatically, but somehow this is an industry that is being overlooked, as if the country cannot at all benefit from it. My opinion is that everybody who has this belief should think just a little outside of the box, we as artists can really make a difference in our land if we have a proper support system. I also hope to be an independent artist that is able create opportunities for myself and others alike”.

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