Monday 12 April 2021
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Our school systems are flawed and society isn’t helping!

There are a lot of things I am grateful for. As a matter of fact, there’s so much we can all be grateful for. Education wise, I went to above average schools and I got a scholarship so the government did good by me in that area, but sadly there’s so much still lacking when it comes to my education.

I had a very long and in-depth convo with a group of friends the other day where we listed a few things that we really needed to hear or be taught in school that would have really been better than learning about the power house of the cell.

Yes the “T” word! The first shock of adulthood just comes straight at you quicker than you can say, “free my nigga Wesley Snipes”

It would have been great if our teachers had taught us the basics of tax. How to file for tax, how to make sure you’re being taxed right and also why you’re being taxed. Now I’m here getting anxiety attacks because I have to pick up a form at something Revenue… forgive my youthful ignorance.

Like I said I’m grateful for my education and my parents tax made that possible, but can we warn our children please. It’s not cool seeing 2k just ripped out of your salary especially if it’s you’re first.

Why is healthy living and training such a taboo in Africa especially amongst my fellow People of colour (POC)?

The other day I opted to have a salad instead of a burger and the flack I got from my friends for it shook me for days. They were on some “are you a goat?” “Why would you eat leaves” and “let’s go outside we can pick your dinner from the garden for free” tip.

I said man I know people with diabetes and they regret it and all I got was “don’t stress me with the white man’s diseases.” Like wow!

In schools we should be taught  the importance of taking care of your body and how  vital it is  for a lot of things, how when you reach a certain age it gets really hard to lose weight and take care of yourself either because of time or the prices of healthy food.

We need to abolish the notion that jogging is not for the black man, cause obviously Kenya and Bolt proved us wrong.

Keeping your heart healthy is so important and can be so much cheaper than having to get insulin shots on a daily.

Again I must say I am a firm believer in God and have been living a very spiritually healthy life as a born again person, but there’s something we were never taught in schools and it’s sad.

Why weren’t we taught about acceptance? And I’m not talking about tolerance I mean choosing to allow someone else to think differently and not treat them different or isolate myself from that “type”.

For years I had no idea what the Islamic faith pertained, I had little knowledge of why Hindu people pray to so many different deities.

What annoys me is that at a very young age we are told that whatever everyone else believes in is wrong and yours is the only truth – this is only correct for yourself and does not apply to your neighbour.  Yes I said it, crucify me if you need to but, as much as I believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that it’s only through Him that my sins are forgiven, it is inhuman for me to want to throw a bible at the next person for not wanting to believe the same. It is not fair for us Christian, Muslims, Hindus especially Atheist to want to shut down a religion because it does not fall in line with my beliefs and systems. Why didn’t our teachers teach us this?

Now you might say but that’s your parents job, and I will tell you this, if I’m going to spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week with 10-12 adults that say they love their profession I would expect that adult to do right by me. I would expect that leader of the community, who claims to want to see change to do the morally correct thing, whether being paid or not. It is the duty of the adult who takes care of the community and wants to see the advancement of this community to start and train whoever they can at a young age!

There’s one thing we as POC can learn from the “white run” schools and that is that teachers go the extra mile and the management makes sure that they find the teachers that go the extra mile and I don’t blame their pricing – that is for private schools obviously.

As an adult you have so much more responsibility for the current youth!

Also please stop asking what’s wrong with this generation, we did not raise ourselves. And if you feel you’re not at fault for this then you are cause your peers are influential and you can play your part there too.

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