Saturday 17 April 2021
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Namibian comedians should do better

This is coming from an honest place in my heart, I hope the comics who get to read this take it as constructive criticism and not as any form of hate as that is not what I am trying to achieve here. I know the world needs more love but I won’t sugar coat anything in order to stroke the ego of any one.

I recently attended a comedy show here in Namibia and if you are wondering how it went well, I did not enjoy it as much. I could count the number of times I actually laughed on my one hand. The topic which they had to create their jokes around was perhaps difficult and thus the reason why they could not deliver to the best of their abilities.

I would just like to make a quick comparison which will hopefully make you understand why I believe Namibian comics should put in more effort. The week before the local comedy show I attended another comedy showdown that was headed by an array of diverse comics from both Namibia and South Africa and boy oh boy did I have the time of my life.

I laughed so much from beginning to the end of the show and it left me wanting to hear more. I could relate to the jokes and it was great to see how some of the South African acts took time out to do research on Namibia and formed good jokes on Namibian towns and culture as well.

This just goes to show the difference preparation can make in the pursuit of hosting a successful comic show. If the comics are well prepared, thought their jokes through and just delivered as free as they can there is no doubt that locals will also be able to deliver great comic shows. During the not so live comedy show that was only headlined by Namibians, there were some acts that tried their best but when compared to their acts I have watched on YouTube their delivery in person was not as great. Maybe the cold played a role as to why it sucked so much. Some of the deliveries went as far as seeming forced. Thinking of it now there was one act that I would probably give a little credit to because of the thought process it put the audience through but sadly the guy failed miserably in the department of honestly being free on stage.

It’s as if he was trying to remember all his jokes and if he relaxed for one second, he would forget his act and mess everything up. I was more terrified by the possibility of him losing his cool on an audience member because that’s the energy he gave of.

I just think that our local comics can do better. Probably with more practise their performances will become better with time. I really hope it does because if it doesn’t then I really don’t know.

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