Wednesday 21 April 2021
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It starts with an a** slap during sex and the next thing you see his fingers are on your chick, all at a time with a little pressure. And then he shouts at you like he was scolding his grade 1 sister. If he pushes you, the next thing will be a punch to send you to your make-up kit. Because you love the touch, verbal insults, chances are you are destined for your coffin. I might not have narrated this with sympathy but it is what it is. Love se m**r.

Considering my external and many chains in the sexual relationships, of which some I call love, the recent killing of a good friend touched me. They all do but this week’s one scratched a human side of me. I’ve long penned down insults for women and their dwarf thinking when it comes to relationships but this was never about them.

Men, if there are any left, I’m disappointed and we should all be because that idiot represented all of us out here. Selfish, inconsiderate and f**k your father who told you the world belonged to you.

If death was the price of cheating, dumping, hurting the one you tell you love, and creating an extra chain, believe me that most of us would be dead by now. But our sisters did not kill us, yet.

Today we talk about manhood gone to waste. I put my frustrations to paper and with utter disgust and embarrassment to call myself a man just because of a few ‘men’ out there who have decided to distort the definition of a ‘true man’.

I can deal with women being exposed (because it’s a learning process) and sometimes being cheated on (don’t be selfish). I can also deal with run-away fathers and all the idiots that poison their one night stands to take the clearance pill. Marra I refuse to be silent on the issue of ‘men’ who feel it is right to take a life of a sister, regardless of the motive.

People talk about emotions that cannot be control and all that k*k of the difficulty of not being able to let go or see her in another man’s arms, I say that is k*k. All along I though the benefit of carrying balls is they give you an extra ability to endure pain in all sorts.

Blah, blah, blah blah “I gave her so much so why should she leave.” A woman is not an investment idiot. This k*k actually started with our black gweri parents who give us everything and demand we keep them in our wallets forever when we did not ask to be born. It is this same mentality that men carry thinking giving a women money or buying her a birthday gift is a done deal to own her forever. I don’t know of any woman who threatens their man for money or d**k she owes you nothing my brother.

Cowards buy love and actually budget for ‘maintenance’. Cowards think real women need money to stay and as such think woman have a price tag. Yes, women can be materialistic because again, the first men in their lives (which is supposed to be their fathers who ran away), have not showed them that they too have a worth that does not need to be validated by some idiot who has nothing to do with their money but buy women. F*k.

Cowards out there, there are so many women in this country of which many are more beautiful than your current madam. Most of them don’t cheat, just in case your woman has a desire for better. There are even those who don’t back-chat, just in case your rural background favours that you say the last word. Let her go. She is not your f***en child.

If you are so desperate, go and tell your mother that you want to kill one of your many unplanned sisters. If you bought your gun, panga or boxing gloves for a predetermined reason, please, when the need to use them arises, use them on your family.

Lastly, we must also slap the women dating these idiots so hard that they wake up. If he hits you once, the second time he might turn you into a corpse. I know it is hard to know what your current partner is capable of, but the last person who had the right to lay their hands on your body was your parents.

A simple sorry does not mean he will not do it again, so accepting it means you giving him a second chance to slap you or shoot you at the right spot. Before you become the next victim, look at the signs he already portrayed and dump the idiot even if he slapped you last year. The next time he does it will be the last.

My dear brothers, please man up or become gay if you cannot stand women who think they deserve better. At least from the gay circle you can meet your match and that species has another level of commitment.

So ashamed to be a man…

Rest in peace Alina and rest assured we will fix this country with one prayer at a time.

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