Tuesday 13 April 2021
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World cup is over & girlfriends can finally get attention

Shuuu, I myself am not even in a relationship but I felt sorry for all the females that were pushed aside during the entire World Cup by their significant others.

Like the manner in which many of them were ignored seemed hurtful from the way complaints on how most of them struggled to get sweet text messages from their bae’s flew across all social media platforms.

I recall seeing a tweet of a screen shot a friend sent to her boyfriend telling him to enjoy one of the games and that she loved him and all he said in his reply was okay likewise.

I don’t know if he did it intentionally or if he truthfully did not notice that the text he had sent was as dry as the Namib Desert because the game had taken up all his focus but eish it was rough.
If I were to ever receive such a text message then I definitely would make sure that my gf allowance would have to increase the following month because imagine putting in so much effort texting someone whom you consider the love of your life with the hopes of getting a heart-warming response back just to get the exact opposite.

For all the chest pains these girls went through the past month of wondering if their bae’s were really at different bars watching soccer matches, I think an increase in gf allowance is a great compensation method.

However I’m glad that it’s a bridge these females have now crossed and they can now finally get the attention that they have been deprived off which will only be short lived because we all know that all those other soccer matches which I am not able to mention because I have no interest in football are set to play soon.

This now means that their shine will once again be stolen away which must be so disappointing.

As for me I am particularly looking forward to seeing as to what extend boyfriends will now have to go to in terms of trying to apologizing to their girlfriends for having been so distant.

This ought to be very interesting, perhaps they may start of by giving the TV remote back, or by calling their girlfriends whom they last spoke to a month ago to find out if the relationship still exists or maybe they might just throw in a trip to Dubai aka die baai.

Men are disappointing ladies hope y’all really didn’t think he was going to fly you out.

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