Saturday 17 April 2021
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When your ‘rwerwe’ intimidate your elders

I have to admit I didn’t grow up in the poorest of conditions, I also am not a trust fund baby but we had a proper roof over our head, we meaning my family and I, and we wouldn’t go to bed on an empty stomach. But that was because my parents had to work extra hard and extra long.

With that being the case my parents also tried really hard to get us the best education they could afford no I’ve never seen the doors of a private school though my mums works at some point wanted to give me a scholarship for Windhoek international cause of my excellent performance at school, but if you continue reading you will understand when I say “I guess it was for the best that I didn’t get that far”

So I’ve realized something really depressing and it irks every fiber of my being.

Have you ever wondered why it is that an aunt will give you a vuil kyk when you have spoken? Or that your cousins would never let you know when they are going to hang out? Ever wondered why your uncles try to question everything you do and find it funny when you make nothing out of the ordinary statements? Seen the neighbor in the street give you a glare like you never returned her daughters calculator? I have and sadly I kind of know why people approach me in a condescending manner most of the time.

It’s because of your accent and the level of conversation you keep.

It’s depressing that parents would go out of their way to have the best for their children and when they come back being taught about this best society will shun them out because they are way to alien for the community.

Community men will never take you seriously because you speak to “rwerwe” for them. Your cousins take you for a clown cause they think you’re too space headed for them, never indulging in conversations about “rims en ‘n bef*kte system”. The girls will think you are “verbeeling” yourself because you struggle to speak Afrikaans coming from a colored home.

You try to have conversation but all you get is “jy voel mos die son skuin uit jou agter end uit” there’s just no way you can infiltrate such scrutiny.

It just annoys me that people would not even try to understand how much they alienate you for being different and I don’t want to call it jealousy because the concept of jealousy is just plain right stupid and meant for the childish minds.

It’s really sad that a segregated system would still exist and from such a personal entity on basis that you’re too open minded for the liking.

Dear adults stop that nonsense allow people to be and try to learn from them, allow your family to excel if they need to with out being scrutinized. I want to learn from you, but I can’t cause of the box I’ve been placed in.

Stop influencing your children to lock out the aliens so the girls can have a chat. Uncles your immense love for inflicting rejection is pathetic and distasteful. No child in their right will be able to take You seriously if all do is call out the “shilumbu” on a daily.

We really need to build a new system where we embrace change and celebrate peculiarity. Where you sisters daughter does not intimidate your masculinity because she has the knowledge to fix a carburetor or that her sons new car, that he bought with money he worked hard for is him being privileged.

Wish good things unto others so your   Children can reap from the good vibes that’s reciprocated. In the end you’re only harming yourself, your family and your fragile ego.

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