Thursday 15 April 2021
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It’s the wrong people dying

I’m not really complaining as that is not my thing but I just think, since the fall of that street-terrorist-of-a-thief and the order of dying was on track, somehow things have turned and too many of the wrong people are dying while the a**holes still share oxygen with us all. Don’t look at me like am some evil kinda person because we all get that feeling when we look at people who we think should be dying.

Like when you go to a funeral and you look the brother of the guy you wish had died instead. We have all wished death for one teacher or more. I will not mention the number of time you wished death upon your stingy parents. And yes, madam who never wanted me, I also wished you death – If I cannot have you, you are better off 5-foot down. How about your boss who is old but but does not want to go home so you take their position.

However, people will die, you will die, so don’t be shocked, but sometimes we just need some list and an order in which they die. So here is a list oaf people I think should just die and not even see heaven or hell if there is something like that sobisoo.

We have enough slay queens who make it everywhere and with everything but not grow. Yes, maybe we need them but too many of them have guys hooked on them and ignoring the real women who are marriage material. Come to think of it, no one marries slay queens. I can name a few who look employed and responsible but just not good enough to be wives or even mothers. I doubt we need those. Die and maybe we will get used to true beauty.

People who have nothing else to do but keep tabs on other people’s lives should probably run around the complex and kick a bucket. Rebel a**holes have no purpose in their lives. We have enough people who do that and they are called journalists. But even the journalists don’t just go around talking about the security guard’s sexual life. Audit your life or you may as well just die.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks we can cut down the number of politicians in this country. Too many of the good ones are gone and we are kinda left with the ones who don’t care and are just in to do us with a smile, even when it hurts. Of that number, we have those who care but are too afraid to say so. They do it through their actions but how do we deal with the loud mouths Mr.Self-Importance who knows nothing else but themselves. What do we do with the comrades chopping our government money and those misusing our wifi to scout potential victims? I do not wish anyone death but all I’m saying is, since they never want to retire, maybe they should just also go home, the other home. They are already old and not even kids from Wambolokasie have their grandads so why do we need them? Lightning would do God.

The vrrr-pah boys have left us crying for our women in the Kasi and you know what they say about the price of tears. At least God and the immigrations dealt with the Angolans and the curse on Zimbabwean men has dissolved the threat. No Namibian gweri would go for a broom salesman. I used to have a weakness for other people’s women until I reached the age of reason. Mara some of these boys just don’t want to grow. So all these boys who are just out here to see our women as potentials, big men who are going after girls the age of their grandaughters, rich guys who pay us out of the equation – God, they can do better in heaven you know.

And then we need to move to the other side of town to seriously count the number of people who care so much about animals than they do for fellow human beings. I hear there are dog and cats with medical aid while my sisters in the kasi don’t have pads. So what if I braai my dog for kapana? It’s not your and I did not feed it with your food. Since they too cannot detain their interests and opinion on things that don’t concern them, maybe you should just take them God.

On our way to Katutura, we also need to make a stop at these churches that make our brothers get married at age 23. We are already poor yet they are the ones making us poorer. I’m not so much of a church-going guy but I know the smell of bull-shit. Next time they shout your name, please take the entire church management and send the congregation to school.

Finally, we have too many idiots roaming around as intellects. We are fixing the country so please let’s be honest and just point the finger. Let’s be honest with ourselves and face the fact that we don’t need some people. Those who we need, lets pray for them and stop praising walking corpses that don’t deserve the living oxygen.

As we mourn a struggle icon who in my view was one of the people who left us too soon, let us not deny ourselves the feeling of who we thought should have gone instead.

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