Wednesday 21 April 2021
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SiSteR SiStaH

Sister Sistah is a first of its kind multimedia and sound experience exhibition that was brought to the fore front by three very brave women namely Daniela Magg, Juliart Cult and Foibe Amundaba. All three of them have all been in the creative arts industry for a number of years.

All engaged in individual creative modes, these three women who strongly believe in coming together to be healers through their art have proven that through loving by creating safe spaces for each other to exist in, is clearly seen in the work that they do.

The two day exhibition of work that they each have created over the past three to four years was exhibited at the Warehouse Theatre. It saw a number of people who appreciate art that comes in various forms attend it with a few noting that the exhibition stood out as it was different from what they normally see.

Tuli a creative artists who attended the exhibition in support of her fellow artist who she’s known for some time told The Lounge that the entire exhibition was great because it goes to prove that art can be portrayed in different mediums as long as those who are keen on knowing about it understand it.

Having followed the three ladies work, Tuli highlighted that she was behind the idea of the exhibition being different and quirky.

With a range of black and white photographs, paintings, installations, craft lamps and music, Sister Sistah definitely lived up to the hype. What was wonderful to see during the exhibition was also the manner in which women who all have different views when it comes to their work join hands together to create work that was not only meaningful to them but also  work that would touch its viewers.

Speaking to all of the ladies on the side line, Daniella Magg who focuses on abstract work as she is intrigued by bringing different mediums of art together and then turning them into creations of strokes that represent her emotions and thoughts highlighted that all her work stem for a very spiritual part of her life.

“Mine are less human base but more shape based, they explain my thoughts in different moments, it’s all different I also have photography encrypted with abstract strokes”.

Magg further explained that Sister Sistah was an exhibition that has stood out for her because it was not a gallery exhibition and it allowed the focus to be on them. The artists themselves were opposed to the usual exhibitions where the focus is placed on the institution where work maybe found hung up.

“This was basically a juxtapose we had the ability to showcase our work without anyone having picked out certain pieces. We all chose these all through our souls”.

Speaking of souls, the art work Juliart Cult displayed during the exhibition were all created with the purpose of showcasing individual spirits born within the moment of creation and synchronicity.

With each piece showing a form of pregnancy in efforts to help people understand that everyone has their own potential and is able to give birth to new and improved versions of themselves. The aim was to ensure the healing of the viewer, celebrating the human experience as well as creating future worlds.

She further explained that her main medium was photography and hoped that those who took time out to see the exhibition would leave with a meaningful experience.

“I hope people found this as a safe space, to be outside an art gallery where they can be themselves without there being too many rules of one having to be extra well behaved. With this exhibition people can be as free as they want, they can view the exhibition and still have a great time while at it”.

Presenting a creation of abstract acrylic painting studies in different styles by exploring technique and colour in her own interpretation of an African mother, Foibe Amundaba brought forth her narrative in fine art and crafts in present Africa.

She noted that most off her work dates back to 2012 and felt the need to put her work on display for people to buy as she wanted to let go of some of her pieces.

Having a technique of her own, Amundaba concluded that her paintings show a series of freedom and uncontrollability.

“Most of the paintings are experimental, there is colour – there is black and white and I just hope people gain an understanding of art in general”.

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