Friday 23 April 2021
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Why is no one talking about the genocide in Cameroon?

An entire community is being killed and no one seems to care, it is as if the world is oblivious to what is happening in Cameroon.

One would swear with the amount of time many of us spend on our phones and the internet that the inhumane killings happening in Cameroon would be alarming and would be a topic of discussion among many.

Sadly this isn’t the case. It’s a pity how we humans tend to act, we only want talk about issues when they concern us and it should not be that way.

We sit, lay back while people mourn the deaths of their loved ones and others still remain in hiding.  All because of fear and not a single act of compassion is seen being extended towards those who find themselves in the life-threatening mess that they themselves have not even created.

I just cannot understand why leaders, organisations and main stream media all over the world are silent. Why isn’t there anything being done about it, why isn’t there news broadcasts about it ?

Why is BBC and CNN quiet about it? Why are they sitting and watching young children who still had a future before them, being killed and left in cold blood while no one raises awareness around it.

Can we really call ourselves humans, can we really say that we have hearts ? It seems like humanity has failed us and each and every day that passes by, this is a notion that seems to be true.

We really need to do better and try and raise as much awareness on this issue so that something positive can come out of this.

Keeping silent clearly can’t be the only way to go about it, I am sure more can be done and more should be done. It just requires people who are willing to put in the work to do better for their fellow people as they would do for themselves.

This cannot be the kind of world we have chosen to live in, we can’t accept this and just be comfortable with it.

Dozens of mass graves all around Africa cannot be normalized new trend, people should not be fleeing from their homes that they have spent years building with the little that they have to go and start over with nothing.

It’s upsetting to go online and see images of people’s intestines hanging from their stomachs after they have been shot. It’s disturbing to see young children and their mothers’ burnt bodies lifeless.

What will it take for us to one day just live in peace or is it only when issues such as these happen to us that we then will start caring. There is a serious need for intervention.

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