Monday 19 April 2021
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PEBL computer: A new world for millennials

Out with old bulky computer machines and in with a new age palm fitted portable high performance computer unit called PEBL that is relevant in time and befitting for the new generation.
The device is described by its Lead Product Developer, Vincent Van Wyk as a computer that will create convenient access for young people to a much bigger world that awaits them out there. It also promises to bring forth a sense of better technology.
Van Wyk, who created PEBL with self-taught knowledge on computers developed over the years through experimenting with different software, told this publication during an interview that he had noticed how people allowed technology to define them with devises that were created to mould them into what the devices wanted them to be.
This was however a lifestyle that he wanted to change through the creation of PEBL, envisioning that every person was unique and deserved to have a computer that allowed them to live out their uniqueness by choosing what they wanted it to be like.
“That is why I created PEBL because I wanted to build a computer that gave people their own identity and one that did not dictate who they were supposed to be. This means that this computer is personally designed for software developers, architects, musicians, journalists and the likes. It is and can be designed based on how an individual would like it to be set up. The great thing about it is that there is a great team behind it that will ensure that people get what they ask for without them having to wait for long periods of time” he said.
Catching up to the rest of the world would seem like an impossible task to carry out but it’s one that can be done by allowing people access to computers which is a notion that Van Wyk strongly values.
“Computers scare people off as many think they are difficult to use but this is not true, there is a need to create computers for our Namibian people because people need to start associating themselves with computers from a young age as it is vital for educational and work opportunities.
There is one computer for everyone one thousand African on the continent meaning that most young people do not have access to computers and this should not be the case” said Van Wyk.
Compared to similar technology out there Van Wyk highlighted that although there are various companies that offer the small form factor none of them can offer what PEBL does.
When it comes to performance in general PEBL is said to outclass anything on the main stream market because of the technology that has been used to create it, its cooling system is tailored for African conditions and it uses one thirtieth of electricity compared to any of the old computer machines.
“It also use less material to make which means that the carbon foot print that is left in the world is much less. It has also been approved by CRAN, this was however not easy to get but we managed to” he highlighted.
The computer has been rather successful since it was brought into the Namibian market. In 2016 PEBL partnered with Paratus Telecom which played as s strategic plan to help assure users that the product was of good quality. During that period 120 PEBL’s were sold in nine months that meant every second day a PEBL was sold.
“This just goes to show that there is value for such computer in Namibia and the rest of Africa. We have also recently started exporting to Botswana and have sold a few PEBL units to Letshego there as well which is a market that we just stated trading on” he noted.
Since PEBL entered the market, Van Wyk revealed that there has been a zero percent return rate on the units.
There is however a great need for government to come into play in terms of helping PEBL grow noted Van Wyk as plans to want to locally assemble the product is at the top of his list.
“We plan on establishing an assembly line where we can locally assemble the products in Namibia because they are now being assembled in China. We want to create our own line. There are a few key partners that are willing to support us once we have this assembly line set up but much more help is needed from the government as it is the biggest buyer in this country and if you want make real money one has to sell to them
The dream was always to assemble the computer locally but due to capital constrains and support from the right institutions it was not possible” he explained.
With the current economic phase that Namibia finds itself in, Van Wyk further highlighted that help from the cooperate world would also play a big role in ensuring that country is able to make PEBL a computer that will benefit Namibians at large.
“Business has been a bit tough, there hasn’t been any big computer contracts from the cooperate world but I am sure once everything is put into place through discussions with the government Namibians, will have access to affordable computers” he highlighted.
He further added on that plans to design the PEBL out of glass that is made out of sand from extracted from the Namib Desert are also in the pipelines.
Van Wyk concluded by highlighting that it plans on going in to Ecommerce by implementing a payment system where people can buy the computer from anywhere in the world straight from their website.

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