Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Miss Namibia – Diamonds to coals

It has been a whole week that has passed and I’m still annoyed with what happened last week Saturday.

So as we all might have heard ( most probably only on Monday) that Miss Namibia was crowned on Saturday.

And congratulations to the beautiful Selma for being crowned Miss Namibia 2018. All formalities set aside let’s get down to business!

Dear Miss Namibia organizers: wow! Just wow! I am thoroughly disappointed and uninspired. From the get go the whole organizing and marketing has been of mediocre quality and effort.

The marketing was so weak, imagine the surprise coming home thinking I’m about to watch the game and to go on Twitter to be reminded by oom f that it’s about to go down literally 5 minutes before the program starts. Like none of my friends, who are very active on social media, even knew that the crowning was to happen on Saturday.

I was already annoyed by the “revamped” design of the whole pageant. It was honestly distasteful, very unappealing and again mediocre. As a novice designer, even I can recognize the difference in quality. Who signed off on this and what was tendered? Y’all need some time out.

Now to production of the show. NBC why are we paying TV licenses again? I would hope that if you use the money we are forced to pay you would use it well but ‘Dololo’ with the production.

I’m sitting down and watching, but I’m cringing most of the time. I understand a lot of time and effort and preparation goes into the whole production of the pageant but wow! After a whole 11 months of preparation time this is what we get?

We went from awkward silences, to mics that are not working, to red carpets that are dry and did not do justice to its purpose.

Artists no one has heard of except for Monique English of course – please this is not ‘Namibia’s Got Talent ‘ this is a national event we cant be trying to show expose new or upcoming artist, this is definitely not the platform for it.

The visuals were not captivating; it felt more like I was watching Miss Windhoek High School and even then it was more entertaining.

Are we proud of the outcome of the broadcast? How am I supposed to show this to my friends from all over without feeling embarrassed? How am I supposed to be proud of this “national gem” of a show when I regret spending my few hours watching it?

See the purpose of Miss Namibian as a whole is still foggy for many others and even myself me but if you’re going to do something that is going to represent our nation can we do it properly? It’s not like it was the first time we had to air the show, it’s not the first time we had to do the marketing.

a is it that after years of this whole production the results are so mediocre? We have so many new and upcoming creatives, video directors, Artists, public speaker and event planners, why are we still struggling?

Really this was not something to be proud of and it’s not something we will allow again in our name. Source for new talent; get our seasoned patrons to over see (please over see is not the same as micro manage) the new talent as they revolutionize our National gem!

I’m not even going to get into the politics of the pageant and the deciding and judging of the show.

And one last thing we will not forgive you for what you did to our runner ups. How did we go to sleep knowing we gave them herbs and salad for flowers?

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