Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Bludrobe Music

Buying local music has just been made easier through Bludrobe Music, an online music store service that offers the best of Namibian music in full length albums, extended play, long play and single releases.

Music junkies who have always wanted to have access to local songs on their mobile phones now have the option to choose from an array of record labels and independent artists such as D-Naff, Tswazis, Lioness and Damara DikDing among many others.

With a wide range of music styles genres such as House, Damara Punch, Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Kwaito, Electro, Oviritje, Afrikaans, Reggae, Traditional, Kwasa and Gospel, Bludrobe Music store is surely a must visit.

Creating this type of platform through which consumers are able to get music in a quick and convenient manner has always been a dream for David Sezuni, founder of Bludrobe Music.

Speaking to The Lounge Sezuni, who is also an artist himself noted that it has always been a difficult task for independent artists to distribute music at an affordable price to all parts of the country. This was the driving force behind the inception of Bludrobe Music.

“There is a need to reduce manufacturing and distribution costs for independent artists and record labels that have music which they would like to reach the entire country, I wanted to help make it easy for artists. Secondly I also wanted to help create sales revenues for artists, I this way they could make a living as well”.
Bludrobe is currently heading into a marketing phase through which its owner plans on engaging the public and fans at large.

“We want to help push Namibian artists on a much bigger scale, this will only be possible if fans are open to embracing what we offer.

We hope that this is the product music fans will support and perhaps with their support local music will reach everyone and not only a set group of individuals”.

Sezuni further explained that the site is still a work in progress and in the near future plans on improving on its current module.

“We also plan on creating a flagship music outlet that will capitalise on various mediums to generate revenues for artists in situations that the industry has failed to do”.

If you haven’t already visited the site, now is the time to help support local music.

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