Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Back by popular demand – ‘Just Tina’ Returns

If you for whatever reason missed the first Tina Turner lip sync tribute show, make sure you attend the second show of ‘Just Tina’ today at the Warehouse Theatre. The show features Adriano Visagie who performs a series of Tina Turners greatest hits in a song and dance extravaganza and is back due to public demand. This time, he promises it “will deliver bigger and better”.

After performing a repertoire of Tina’s greatest hit songs supported by a group of dancers, the first show case of the production was done with the purpose of not only upholding Tina as musical icon but also to showcase the courage of an inspirational woman. A woman of exceptional courage and determination. The show was choreographed by Haymich Olivier.

The show celebrates Tina’s survival of GBV, something considered a strength of will of relevance to the LGBT community in terms of the oppression. With Visagie being an advocate for the community, strength and grace can be absorbed from the show.

The show in itself also introduces the concept of drag performance with the Namibian public as an art form and to address the stigma surrounding such performances and the community in general.

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