Saturday 17 April 2021
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We should celebrate hardworking women everyday!

No, it isn’t women’s day nor women’s month, but let’s make time to celebrate our ever so hard working women who work day in and day out to make countries, business and the likes a better place to live in.

Here is to the strong powerful women, that many look up to, here’s to the mothers who break their backs to feed their children. Here is a little something to honour you.

As a portion of the human kind, we have seen how women have fought their way up to the top.

Gone are the days where women were told to stay home to do most house chores and take care of the kids. Gone are the days where women were seen carrying buckets of water or wood on their heads. Of course, there are still exceptions.

The notion of what a women should be has long passed and we in recent times have seen women come out in numbers and do more than what society has painted them as.

We have women in managerial positions, women are now referred to as CEO’s, Directors to name a few and the best of all Presidents.

Women have grown to be much stronger beings who are able to care for themselves. The idea of an equal world is still one that is at debate but women have fought any form of patriarchy that holds them back from improving.

It’s such a wonderful sight to see that in some countries such as Rwanda women have taken up 63 percent of seats in parliament than men have.

Other countries such as Cuba, Sweden, Senegal, South Africa, Ecuador, Finland, Iceland, Seychelles and Bolivia follow suit as well.

However this is not to say that the efforts of men go unnoticed but the improvement of women is something that the world should take note of and celebrate at any given point.

Society at large should encourage women to continue raising the flag and creating platforms for other women to flourish into greater beings as those that are in higher power.

Women themselves should encourage the old and the younger generation to reach beyond the goals they have set for themselves.A woman should be able to reach her full potential without being told what to do and what not to do as well as have equal rights to accomplish goals she has set out for herself.

Many people would agree that the sight of seeing articles written about influential women such as Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Hillary Clinton is so liberating to see and to read about.

This has proven that women can and have definitely cross the silver lining and are not limited by aiming for the sky only as that is where merely their starting point begins.The world will surely evolve and as it goes on day by day and women will no longer be left out.

Just like shooting stars at night women will continue to shine bright no matter the circumstances.

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