Sunday 11 April 2021
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WAKA WAKA MOO finally here

Fashion model and TV presenter, Luis Munana means business, the long awaited three year project, ‘Waka Waka Moo’ that has been quite the journey for Munana for some time now has finally become a reality.

The Namibian cartoon show ‘Waka Waka Moo’ which airs every Wednesday at 15h30 is a show that targets kids from the ages of four to twelve. The show also features some  Namibian personalities.
The show is one that will have children glued to their TV screens with lots of fun and educational lessons. With the help of the characters kids are being educated by sharing cultural knowledge and history about Namibia among others things. The show is produced in nine Namibian languages such as English, Afrikaans, Silozi, Rukwangali, Damara/Nama, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, German and Setswana. Waka Waka Moo is set to revolutionise the way in which stories are told.

Speaking to Munana earlier this week, he told The Lounge that as much as the journey was intense there was a great team working endlessly day and night to make sure that the entire show was planned properly.

“Our head animator Cecil Jones as well as the head writer Kacey Moore have written the songs and they have been a very integral part of the show”.

He explained that he is most excited about the vernacular part of the show which will happen every second week.

“I am excited to see how the children are going to react to it as well as the adults. The kids will get the chance to watch cartoons and it will be watched in their local languages. It’s our local stories that are being told which is great”.

Munana further explained that the show will also make use of guest’s speaker who will be on the show for every episode. “We have invited public speakers. People in fashion, music, arts and so forth this is because we want them to share their stories as well as also teach the children lessons”.

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