Tuesday 13 April 2021
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The Start Up Festival that was!

What a brilliant way to have ended the first half of the year- in celebration of small start-up businesses in Namibia through a start-up festival.  Recently held in Windhoek, the three day jam packed event was a sure highlight for business owners who have been looking to get their brands known to the rest of the country.

Speaking to start-up owner, Schalk Steenkamp who owns a leather manufacturing company called Bark Design told The Lounge that the start-up festival was a great idea because it launched his business into a completely different segment to the one he was to.

He highlighted that it allowed him to talk to a range of people personally which is better than promoting the brand online.

“Boosting online means that the same people will be the ones that will see what we share. It’s always great to allow other people to also experience what we are all about and what we have to offer. I think a lot of people will get to see our products up front, that’s why we decided to come here, now that people who weren’t aware of us I am now sure that they are”.

The festival was also about inspiring people and this was evidently the case for Law student Maylis Kahuure. Maylis was excited as she highlighted the opportunity she was afforded to learn more about businesses.

“I really learned a lot especially from Bank Windhoek, something I was not aware of such as student loans to start-up businesses of their choice.

I also got to learn that business does not  always have to be serious, it can be something creative like making cute bags, tasty food and clothing which I have seen here”.

Norah Maman is a teacher and she attended the festival with a few of her students. Her feedback was that it was a great opportunity to have been invited, because it created an opportunity for young people to learn a thing or two about businesses.

“I just wish that next time another start-up festival is held that more schools will be invited because there is a great need for children to learn several methods of making an income and not having to depend on the elderly all the time.

They have the ability to create change for themselves and to better the country”.

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