Monday 12 April 2021
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Not only has disc jockey Alba Hamukwaya, known among many as DJ Alba, proven herself in the field of mixing different genres of music, she has also shown the world that she can tap into other areas of creating produce. These include the making of accessories under her Namibian business brand called, House of Nalo which pushed her to recognise her abilities as a female entrepreneur.

Inspired to try to create items that are different, whilst also adding her own personal flare to it, House of Nalo recently dropped a new line called DYNSTY.

In an interview, Dj Alba briefly described the new line as a Namibian bracelet collection that has been inspired by the average hardworking individual.

“Majority of us are working hard trying to inspire and lay a foundation for the next generation. The word dynasty means a lineage of royalty or rulers because I believe we are all kings and queens in our own right”.

House of Nalo is regarded as a creative haven through which Dj Alba is able to express herself as an individual. She has created a range of accessories that have been well accepted by the public.

A number of artists have been spotted on various occasions wearing accessories from House of Nalo. Notably the likes of KP Illest, Dj Ambizzy, Paul Da Prince and Dj Clap among many others. It’s evident that the House of Nalo has become a favourite for many, with KP Illest noting in one of his posts that he never goes anywhere without these accessories.

One look at the bracelets and there is no way that people would not make reference to the trend – Shamballa customized bracelets. It is now pleasing to know that Namibians do not have to travel across borders just to get something similar because the country now has people who have taken it upon themselves to be creative by manufacturing its own type.

Having noticed that there was a high demand for unique accessories a while back, Dj Alba made it a goal to create accessories that could be truly regarded as Namibian. What’s even better about the bracelets is that they can be purchased from House of Nalo. People are able to contribute to the DIY of some of the accessories that they may want custom made for them.

She further highlighted that most of the pieces from the DYNSTY line either have a crown or a lion on them.

“When I see a lion I automatically see power and royalty. So every time you wear your DYNSTY bracelet you are reminded that you are of great importance”.

She explained that the new line of bracelets also offer a perfect combination of both comfort and style that is ensured to compliment any fashion item and dress code. The bracelets colours are white, black, red and gold and these chosen colour schemes make it more preferable to wear at any occasion without the fear of it being too much of detail.

With many others being the driving force behind the slowly but growing success of House of Nalo, she highlighted that the experiences of watching her business develop has been rather overwhelming.

“I did not expect the line of bracelets to get this much support since launching our first collection in January but it has; it still feels so unreal.

I remember when I showed a few people in the industry some of the designs and I was really freaking out because I did not think it would live up to what it currently has.

I asked various people for feedback and I am very glad that it has all been nothing put positive advice. People have really been supportive”.

Dj Alba, further highlighted that she is still has future plans for House of Nalo, which she is now looking into.

She plans on taking a much bolder step when it comes to creating other types of accessory pieces, such as neck pieces and clutch bags.

“I do not only want to focus on bracelets, because it is always great to give people more than the usual”.

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