Tuesday 13 April 2021
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When grooming becomes comedy

There is a huge difference between taking care of your body and being vain. I’ve noticed with technology advancing and everything becoming more visual, many people have opted to do more to look better.

Many people go through great extents to appropriately present themselves and I am all for it.

But with all great things, some bad has to balance it out I guess. We have individuals that just do the most! As a matter of fact they do all of it! Im so happy women have come up out of their little hiding spots and have found ways to maximise their potential.

From skin care to eyebrows women have really taken their own initiative and have made it work for themselves.

But then we have these ladies who just went and ran with everything. I’m talking ‘Kenya about to win another marathon’ kind of running.

These ladies decided well if I can draw on my eyebrows let me connect the dots while I’m at it.

Ladies I am all for confidence and I am all for the betterment of ones self but there’s a fine line between a face beat and an art battle on the face.

Enhancing the features of your face is great and all, but we need to address the elephant in the room and honestly it’s a very visible elephant this one. We have literally crossed the fine line. Lets be subtle with the make up, if you need to put eyelashes in or on, because sometimes I’m confused are those fake eyelashes or are they brooms?  Again fine line.

You know why I vibe with winter is cause I can layer my clothing –appropriately and proportionately, and look great and comfortable.

I accompanied some friends to Chopsi’s the other night and man was it cold. I was wearing two jackets but the weather was determined to be felt and I felt her, man did I feel her!

With the breeze reaching for every single inch of my unclothed skin, which was like 4% of my body excluding my face, I saw some ladies walk in like they just came back from a beach party, but the boujie kind, where you need to  dress up but with as little clothes as possible.

First thought that came in to mind I told myself “forget the safety of your phones and wallets! Alert all your niggas, they about to snatch hoodies tonight, no hoodie is safe!” and then I though man she forgot to put on her pants and just went with it.

Should I offer her my pants I mean I was wearing 2 or should I get a towel in the bar bathroom so she can at least cover her ankles, but Chopsi’s doesn’t have towels in the bathroom so there was a bit of a dilemma in that too.

Let me lay off the ladies and come to the gents, my guys we all know having a beard is cool.

Now we all wanna grow it out and speaking from experience its something that required patience but most importantly GENES!

Come on fellas we need to give up, when our beard is looking like a few villages on a map we need to let it go. There are some things we cant force and this is one of them. If your beard looks partly cloudy find a way brother man –  find a way.

Fellas lets talk about the tights, I mean skinny’s. Like yo! I appreciate a fitted jean or pants but gents we need to let the guys breathe down there, some guys seem like they competing with the ladies, on some “do these jeans make my butt look big” kind of trip.

I have one question how do you sit down without the worries of “my pants are about to tear”?

With all that said, lets draw the line between taking care of ourselves, following trends and forcing things. Its good to try and be better, but being the laughing stock is kinda defeating the purpose; don’t you think?

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