Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Was Mnangagwa’s attempt assassination staged?

I am not one to speak much about politics, mainly because I do not like getting involved in matters that surround the elite. However something that caught my attention last week was the apparent murder attempt on the life of Zimbabwean president, Emmerson Mnangagwa in Bulawayo.

Although Zimbabweans should be concerned with the safety of their President, I cannot help but highlight that the explosion did not seem real at all. Please do note that these are all based on my own opinions and assumptions.

Which I believe I am entitled to until someone can help me see another angle to this alleged assassination. I remain open to learning more about.

Firstly I would start of by noting that the manner in which it all happened – it seemed a little sketchy to be honest because there is no way in hell that a president would enter an arena and his security squad would not have swept properly.

We all know that in whatever area a president goes, people who are employed to safe guard him and they are required to always check for threats. I just cannot understand how, a set of technically well-equipped competent people would miss the bomb.

Another in-depth look at the video, and it seems like the security team knew what was going to happen because when the bomb went off none of them ran away. In as much as they are trained to be men that should be alert at all times.

It is only human nature to jump when something literally catches you of guard, I am not saying that they had to run away to show that they knew nothing about it but it would be more believable if they somewhat showed signs of shock.

Also if you play the video in slow motion there are several images that have been shared that show that the bomb might not have been planted as stated but it was thrown towards Mnangagwa and his entourage.

The bomb that went off, was so low budget to be quite honest that it did not go off in a manner with the intention to harm him. I mean if you plan it yourself you’ll make sure you do not get hurt right? This is not the first time that leaders have staged their own murder attempts anyway so I really would not be shocked if it was the case with Mnangagwa.

But like they say politics is a dirty game and we will never understand certain things people do in order to confuse the masses.

It just another one of those things that make me wonder if this assassination attempt is one of those tactics used to diverge the public’s attention from other pressing issues.

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