Friday 23 April 2021
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Zimbabwean-born and Namibian based chanter Artwell Neusu, who is well known among many Namibians as Slickartie, recently released a touching video in which he describes his journey of having moved from Zimbabwe to the land of the brave.

The journey which is said to symbolize, the path that he undertook traveling across Southern Africa has not only allowed him to grow as an individual but it has also created a platform through which he is now able to share his soulful voice with the rest of the world.

What can only be described as pure magic the video, Rwendo also brings forth a collection of visuals that exhibit the true natural beauty of Namibia. With landscape scenes of the desert, its mountains and a diverse set of individuals from different cultural groups.

Starting off with a time lapse, a technique that frames the warm Namibian sunset, the seven minute video is infused with a soulful African drum beat that undoubtingly would give of a chill of excitement to any of its viewers.

Rwendo tells the story of a discussion that Slickartie and his mother had before he embarked on his journey in search of success.

A young boy is then seen in the video standing on a dusty gravel road, shortly thereafter a few other young boys are also shown, with Slickartie’s voice in the back ground chanting lyrics of the conversation between him and his mother.

The lyrics when translated from Shona reads as ‘It was on a Sunday morning when I told my mother I am leaving for Namibia. She replied telling me to sit down because there was something she wanted to tell me.

My mother then told him with the use of an African proverb that where I was headed to was dark and that I should not forget where I come from”.

Slickartie still has his mother’s voice in his head as he narrates how she cried whilst asking him to stay, but Slickartie begged her to let him go because he wanted to create a bright future for himself and his family.

The video further continued with his mother telling him that as he travels the world he should not forget to pray because God is the King of Kings. Upon arriving in the city of bright lights, Slickartie is then filmed looking somewhat lost, confused and scared.

Fast forward to almost the end of the video, Slickartie shares the struggles he has faced so far by singing out loud, that certain things in his life have not work out as he planned but he continues to persevere because he wants to change the world.

He ended the video begging his mother to continue believing in him regardless of the racism and tribalism that exists in the world because he surely is certain that someday he shall succeed.

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