Monday 19 April 2021
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Power Season 5 returns this Sunday

It has been a long time coming, a stint of ten months to be exact, which seems like a life time to say the least. There is no doubt that fans are excited to watch the premier of Power Season five expected to air on the 1st of July.

Those who have been following the series since it aired in 2014, are particularly looking forward to seeing how a few of the cast members namely, James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick, Tommy Egan, Angela Valdes, Tasha St. Patrick, Tariq St. Patrick, Kanan ’50 cent’ Starks, Joe Proctor and Lakeisha Grant among many others, work together in an effort to seek vengeance for the death of Ghost’s daughter, Raina but also because nobody is said to be safe in the series. Those named are now left to look out for one another.

The death of Raina who was killed in the last season of Power brought the trio of Ghost, Tommy and Kanan together despite them having fallen out several times. Seconds to the end of season four, the trio were seen smiling in a car.

The smirks shared among the three has left fans with unanswered questions as to whether this was the beginning of a master plan that they are to carry out during season five.

In the new season, the official trailer released by Power Starz, Tasha St. Patrick, the mother of the late Raina and the wife of Ghost, who has harboured several dark family secrets is seen sharing sentiments on how she thought her family could outrun anything. Unfortunately to her dismay she learnt that this was not the case after her daughter’s death.

The family of the late Raina is then seen walking into church, in what also seems like an emotional time for the St. Patrick’s whilst they stand along watching over Raina’s casket to say their last goodbyes.

A feeling of sadness is tangible among the members of the congregation as Raina’s casket is carried out by Ghost and Tommy. Tommy is quoted in the trailer sharing how he did not manage to protect both Tariq and Raina because he was assigned the duty of being their Godfather. Sadly he realised how miserably he failed at it.

Angela Valdes who plays as a prosecutor, has in the past seasons had an affair with Ghost. In season five, Angela who clearly still has feelings for Ghost, is seen colluding to cover up a murder because those implicated in avenging Raina’s death are related to Ghost whom she still seems to love.

The bad guys who Ghost, Tommy and 50 cent are after  include Dre. Dre who started off as one of Ghost workers. Over the seasons, he got addicted to the game of dealing with drugs and realised that he could make a whole load of money from it.

Thus the reason as to why on several occasions he has backstabbed his boss Ghost. Dre now feels that he is able to run the entire drug game by himself and won’t stop at nothing to get those who are in his way of becoming the Kingpin of the game even if it means killing Ghost.

This is where the plot of the season starts to thicken. Several people are seen being shot and killed during several gunfire exchanges. The question however now remains, who will make it to the end of the season alive and who won’t? I guess we will just have to see starting this Sunday.

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