Thursday 15 April 2021
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To the women who lost their lives because of men

I’m writing this in honour of those who lost their lives at the hands of men. Those who aren’t here anymore to speak up for themselves because people who felt that they had more control over them, decided that their lives were not worth anything.

To the strong women who are now gone and who now live in heaven – this is to tell you that you all are so very dearly missed.

And even though the world goes on each and every day, at times may seem like none of you hardly ever cross any of our minds but know that you do.

The truth is as much as we all want to see the world get better, it hasn’t and we as females still remain a vulnerable target to men who are much stronger than us.

Years have passed, yet the fear of being around men still grows on a daily basis. We’ve preached about it, yet it still seems like they could care less about how we feel.

This is not to bash them for doing what they did because when judgement day comes they will have to answer to the Almighty all by themselves.

I really hope and pray that all of you are living life up in heaven and don’t really hold any grudges towards those that ended your lives.

Your deaths are seen as somewhat as a blessing in disguise for many, even though the pain may have been real.

Your deaths have not gone to waste because it has made us females more aware of the dangers that surround us. It has also made us more vigilant on how to go about certain situations regarding men.

As I share this little note with the world, I want those reading to continue uplifting every female they encounter during their journey of life. Encourage every female to make better choices for themselves and to avoid men who emit a lot of negativity because if we don’t do this amongst ourselves, no one else will.

Therefore I also plead as a female to my fellow women to always assist friends who they think they may be involved in very toxic relationships with negative men.

It’s okay to have a friend hate you for a few days, but it’s never okay to sit quiet and watch them die without doing anything about it.

Let’s not sit back and go around spreading news when a female has been hit and say things such as I told her to leave long ago – this is not the right solution.

In most cases telling someone to leave is easier said than done, it’s easy to tell someone to do something when they aren’t in their shoes.

So if by all means if you are able to, call the police on a man that hits any woman.

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