Friday 18 June 2021
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(robbed) I involuntarily blessed someone with N$400

So I’m on my way home from work, got into a cab and I tell the gentleman I don’t have change. The guy stops at the service station, I give him the money to make change but he says no I should just go in and make the change myself. And of course me out of thankfulness that I actually got a cab at this hour, which was around 2 am, agreed to go into the shop to go make the change myself.

Now what we should know is that I don’t have a wallet because that was stolen too a few months back so I keep everything of mine in my bag, I went inside to go and ask for change from the cashier and as I come back to the taxi, I already knew that it happened.

I just felt like it happened something just in me made me aware of what had happened in the taxi in the 3 to 5 minutes that I had been outside of the taxi.

But it never crossed my mind that something like this might happen. I just knew when I got out of the car when the taxi dropped me off at home.

I even thanked him and he drove off, I reached for where I knew my money was not anymore and it was confirmed my money was not in my bag – just a N$20 note that was folded together with the other N$400.

The uncle took my cash and I even paid him double for the trip. In the 5 minutes I left my bag unattended, this seemingly very matured, older man could scratch in a very messy bag and find my money and strategically leave another note behind to avoid immediate suspicion.

But you see what bugs me is not the fact that the money was stolen, no – I’ve survived worst!

What bugs me is that I feel sorry for the man. I have a legitimate sense of remorse for the guy even though I feel like I need to be furious and unforgiving.

Just think of it, its 2 am in the cold morning, now that he has that cash maybe he gets to park his cab earlier tonight and gets a good night’s rest knowing he has made enough money to feed his family.

I noticed that his tanks light was on empty so maybe he has enough so that he can prepare for tomorrows cab rides. Maybe that night he could go home with a little less to worry about. I know thinking that this is good at my expense is not a very logical manner of thinking, but I can’t help but be sympathetic.

It’s sad that there are people that have to steal and break laws to feed and provide for themselves and their families. It’s sad that you have to neglect your natural human instincts and break trust to have to fend for your life or for basic necessities.

Its sad that one would actually have to resort to putting their lives in danger to put a loaf of bread on the table or to have lights for the kids to get dressed for school in the morning. Sometimes we don’t realize that there are so many people who go through the most when we only started going through some of it.

Now I understand that I am playing devil’s advocate for something that happened to me and I know the possibilities of the man that could probably just be greedy or vindictive, but I still worry.

All I can do is hope that he spent it wisely and that it miraculously multiplied somehow so that he doesn’t feel the need to victimize another one of his customers.

Sometimes we just have to put ourselves in another person shoes to understand what they might be going through to do and be what they are at that point in time.

Other than that please be careful fam, we have some desperate people out there, try to take care of your selves. Be cautious and with experience I can say don’t trust every Tom, Dick and Harry. But lets spread ‘n bietjie love.

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