Monday 12 April 2021
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Meroro ‘too fat’ to face Simon

Sanction fees to the much-anticipated fight between Vikapita Meroro and Harry Simon have been paid but the fighters are close but yet so far from ticking off their bout’s checklist scheduled for 30 June.
This week, The Patriot learned that opponent Meroro is yet to meet the weight cut for the fight with the fighter still weighing 99kg by yesterday, far from the 92,7 kg cruiserweight division cut.
Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board’s Ronald Kurtz confirmed with this publication on Wednesday that Meroro will have to pull off a miracle in order to meet the cut.
“It is impossible to loose over 8 kg in a week but we never know what could happen. Should Meroro not make the weight required, there are only two options. To protect the public, the first option would be to cancel the fight or alternatively find another opponent. He cannot fight if he does not meet the weight cut,” said Kurtz.
The unlikely option would be for Simon to step up to the heavyweight division, which is improbable.
“We know that the public wants the fight to happen so it will go down to business. We will be waiting for confirmation from Harry’s side before we can pronounce whether the fight is completely off or if there is another opponent to replace Meroro. There is a lot of hype over the fight, thus we caution the promoters not to promote fights when some of these things are not sorted out,” he said.
Should the fight happen, Meroro will need to redeem himself after a long setback nursing his bruised ego from humiliating defeats against South Africa’s Kevin Lerena and Maxim Vlasov in Russia in 2017.
Meroro, who is yet to taste victory after coming out of retirement to jump ship from the Sunshine Academy to raising stable Salute Boxing Academy, has enjoyed more upsets in what many see as a falling boxing career.
In an attempt to get comments from Meroro’s stable, Salute Boxing Academy, Public Relations Officer Armas Shivute told this journalist that he was not at liberty to comment on anything regarding Meroro’s upcoming fight since the fight was no longer with them.
Matchmaker, Smokey Hilongwa, from Salute Boxing Academy could not confirm nor deny Meroro’s departure from the stable saying only Meroro could answer. He did however, without delving deep, confirm that there were stumbling blocks pertaining to the upcoming fight.
“At the moment I have no idea what will happen as it is up to the control board. There is a standing agreement and at the moment there are just too many question marks.
I cannot share more details as there will be a press conference to announce everything on Tuesday,” he said.
Simon, who is currently in South Africa preparing for his upcoming fight said he will be either 88 or 89 kg for the fight. The control board confirmed that Simon has already made the weight cut.
“I’m a professional so I will do what is required of me by the control board. I am more than ready to face Meroro and we all know the guy cannot beat me. He is not of my class. It was not my wish to fight a local guy but since the boxing fans wanted the fight, I decided to put my pride aside and give them what they want,” said Simon from South Africa.
Simon, who is the first professional world champion of Namibia boasts an undefeated record of 30-all-wins will see how he will temper with Meroro’s 28-7, 14 KOs résumé.
‘The Terminator’ last fought in 2016 when he defeated Japhet Kaseba of Tanzania during a boxing bonanza held on the sidelines of the Helao Nafidi Business Expo at the town’s hall.
Simon’s boxing career came to a standstill in 2002 when the car he was driving was involved in a horrific accident in which three Belgian tourists, two adults and a baby were killed.
The boxer was sentenced to an effective two years in jail, after he was found guilty of culpable homicide in the Walvis Bay Regional Court. He was subsequently stripped off all titles.
“My fans must just come out in number because this will be for them.
Depending on how I feel that day, I will either give him six rounds or if my fans want to I could floor him in two minutes.”

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