Wednesday 14 April 2021
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I told you so…

Kids need to be told that there is bullsh*t coming down the road, politicians are at it again, like always. If there is something I don’t like complaining about is the fact that politicians are full of k*k.

I don’t because they are who they are because of us. We put them up there and we ought not to complain when they nut us with our blessings.

I told you that we are one nation that is very malleable, tolerant to nonsense and without a doubt, f**kwithable. Any Namibian is a good friend, at least for oneself only.

In Namibia people are getting ‘warm taai klappe’ for sniffing other man’s balls but others are accepting ‘sorry’ for being insulted more than once. Back in the day, if you insulted any of my body organs or that of my parents, you were guaranteed a p*esklap with no doubt. So I do not understand how things have changed.

I for one am of the opinion that this honorable p*epholes are taking us for a ride. In fact, this is typical f#ckboy tendencies. They tell you all the nxa things when they want you only to insult you when you give them the cookie. That narrative that politicians don’t campaign after elections is true just like there is no f*ckboy who treats you like a woman when he has tested the holy waters down the valley.

Only he, who has slept with you, touched your wrinkled butts and heard you call out God at the wrong time can call you a bitch. At least that’s what we thought. Because at least you can say you were there. So right there, when Nicanor called us peasants, that’s when we should have made him explain how he knows.

Politicians are like your exam results. They are a reflection of what you put in and so far, we have not done well as Namibia. Wanna challenge me on that? Look at the following names and tell me what they all have in common.

Sakeus Shanghax, Uutoni Nuu, Nicanor Mbumba, Tjekox Tweya, Albertus Kawana, Jerry Ekandjo, Efraim Ekongo, Katirina and the class captain Mr. Harambee. I will it leave there for you to chew on. Maybe we can also add the neat guy from Omusati and the forever angry LPM cheerleader. Is this really the best we could come up with as Namibians?

Just like your girlfriend said ‘yes’ to you because she felt you were putting in effort; think a little bit about the characters above 20 years ago. Every politician’s story will reads ‘from rags to riches.’ We put them there because every poor person is humble. Just yesterday were friends, look what we call each other today.

And just like every baby-mama is all of a sudden crazy, this is how politicians treat us after getting the tick. It is either you are stupid, lazy, poor and don’t deserve anything or crazy to think you deserve to eat, also. Their true colours show best when they start eating.

But I sometimes think it’s not politicians to be blamed, we the public suck at choosing right. If it is all the fault of the politicians, where are the bright and intelligent Namibians ready to step in – only on Facebook and Twitter talking k*k like myself.

Your nigger cheats once and you wanna run but the politician does worse to you and you accept a ‘sorry.’ This started with the bible, kama we must forgive seventy times seven and all we get is more promises. They nut us without foreplay and all we want is an apology after the other.

These are the same idiots telling us to tighten our belts during this economic turbulence while they are busy buying new belts. I for one don’t believe when politicians say there is no money, they simply mean there is no money for us.

Checka, even when there is kama nothing, these guys are demanding for things they don’t even need. But it’s typical of all politicians.

I’m trying to fathom seeing Uutoni in the gym if all he needs is to share some of his fat with Endjala. But sharing is not their thing, even amongst themselves.

This country was bought, sold, and paid for a long time ago. Sam’s son told us so. And whether you vote or not, no sh*t will change sh*t. All you can do is pray for biology to take over. Four years is way enough to chop and that is what we have voted for.

Elections are meaningless for as long as we use the EVMs or go traditional when the guy counting is the same guy who needs to win. Not voting is the biggest k*k but at least you can talk k*k on the people who brought us all this k*k.

So every year we will have some garbage in and a little out because they don’t like leaving anyways. The young turds in line cannot offer any hope because they have already mastered the system. Sobisoo, who is taking our President to the World Cup this year hoeka?

We are in deep sh*t and not even those self-help books can help us. But I told you so.

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