Wednesday 14 April 2021
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Millennials are entitled and we know it

Dear millennial, when was the last you made yourself happy? When was the last time you put yourself first? Why don’t you allow yourself to be happy? When will you fix your attitude? When will you grow up and take responsibility?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people my age are just bitter and really sad, my generation is always complaining and always worrying.  Yes, I get it, we’re left with a ruined nation thanks to the generation before us and we must fix it, knowing we got the blame for the rut our country is in. But we must have learned by now that whatever comes our way, we have to overcome and conquer.

Our generation is feeling the economic implications of our forefathers way more intensely the generation before, because we see everything that we are heirs of falling and crumbling to pieces and we’re watching it do so right in front our eyes. We can’t do much about it because our parents do not want to give us the responsibility nor do they want to let go of the responsibility. Instead our parents are sitting in cabinets and are part of boards that decide the fate of our future.

It seems as though the only language our elders understand is war. Because with them taking ownership of what belonged to them they had to go to war and you’d think that they would have learned from that. But no, it seems as though the only way we will be able to take ownership and responsibility of what belongs to us and generations to come is if we fight them for it! You would think that having to fight for what is yours should have gone out of trend seeing that our parents had to do the same and the process was a terrible one.

What our elders should understand is that as much as they have degrees and qualifications and experience. This generation is way more informed at our current age than they were at this same age. We need our elders to step down and hand over the fate of our future to ourselves. Being as informed as we are it is menacing to see our elders play around with our land, resources and infrastructure out of entitlement post apartheid and enslavement.

See what would make us happy today is our elders giving us, the modern millennial or should I say generation X, what they said they would fight for us to have.

I’ve spoken to some elders and asked why they did what they did pre-independence and many of them say we did it so our children could have freedom and so that my children would not lack anything. But let me tell you this we need you to let go now. We are ready! We are thankful! But we are tired!

What would make us happy is for our elders to retire so this generation which inaptly is way more educated for our age thanks to this fast growing era of technology and information.

We as the current keepers of our land, though we don’t own any of it, need to be in good space to be able to fix what our parents have left us with. Its time we just stood up and say “A victim I am no more” Yes its time we go from victim to victor!

See we are frustrated because the land that we have to take care of does not belong to us, the Namibia that our families sacrificed their lives for belongs to those that have no interest in the future generation but to gather their ego-fueled riches and die with them!

Dear elders its time! We cant sit back and watch how you’re ruining our inheritance in the name of “for the sake of our youth”. You’re doing a terrible job and we thought with the experience and “passion” you had you would take care of it, but the older we get the more we realize you’re doing this for yourself and we refuse to accept it.

Dear millennial -if you’re in a depressed rut try to get out, jog, exercise and get some air pumping into your brain and start a fresh, I’m not trying to ignore the fact that the epidemic is tangible but instead I’m trying to encourage you in a time where you might feel you are alone or want to be alone.  You’re not alone we all understand, just push through soon, we will be able to take care of our future the way we were intended to.

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