Saturday 17 April 2021
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Michael Pulse BREATHE ’s new air into music

Namibian R&B singer and song writer, Michael Pulse is in the process of finalising his album titled Breathe, said to drop at the end of this month.

Pulse who has performed soulful music on different platforms such as Acoustic Friday at FNCC, was also awarded the best R&B award at the NAMAs in 2017.

Pulse has been cooking up a 16 track album that surrounds the happenings of his life over the past year and more specifically with regards to his friends and family. He describes the album as a piece that reflects everything in life which he noted through an interview with The Lounge.

“I took the moment to release all that I felt and that is how I came about naming the album, by literally breathing everything within me, out”.

Pulse who has collaborations with Ethnix and five other underground artists highlighted that he was one who was keen on always working with upcoming artists because he feels that these artists do not get the exposure that they deserve.

“Working with them encourages them and myself as well, because it sometimes gets difficult for them to grow, if they do not get assistance from others who have been in the industry much longer”.

Each album is believed to always come with a certain favourite song that stands out, however for Pulse he highlighted that he regards all his tracks as his favourites.

“I do not have a specific song that I would put above the other, they are all like my kids, I cannot have a favourite. However what I can say about the songs is that there is a song for every occasion”.

He further explained that he prides himself in making sure that his music is relatable even though it is from his own perspective.

“I make it relatable because it’s always great to have people go on growth journey with me, this just means I am able to impact them in a certain way.

By talking about life in general and the notion of never giving up.

I also talk about relationships in the album.

There is surely a lot that his fans can look forward to this year. Another major project that he is also excited to share this year is a feature film titled the “White line” which he did the writing for.

“It will be released in September. We plan on taking this film to various festivals to put Namibia on the map, as it should be”.

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