Sunday 20 June 2021
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Don’t eat with people who brag about feeding you!

Avoid people who always go around telling everyone about how they helped you and how you would be nothing without them.

These are the kinds of people who always want to be praised for doing things that humanity requires them to do.

But they always feel like more praise is owed to them which I really don’t get because if you do things out of goodwill then why make those who needed the help feel like they need to bow down to you.

I for one think that such people are dangerous because at any time they can use what they have done for you against you and because you are left in such a vulnerable state of it being true. It makes you question why you ever accepted their help in the first place and you end up beating yourself up about it.

This is a form of guilt trip that is manipulative and wrong, because now you will have to conform to everything that your helper needs you to conform to and in the end you end up losing your true self at the expense of someone else’s convenience.

However this does not mean that they aren’t any genuine people out there who really have hearts of gold and are willing to help at any moment without telling the whole world about it.

It’s almost just like when people post on social media about how they fed a whole orphanage home just to get praise and then disappear from the journey of help until they feel that they need more praise to stroke their little egos.

Why can’t we just help without spreading it on every Facebook post. It is okay to lend a helping hand without telling people that you did. All that matters in the end is the fact that you did your part as a human and God will eventually reward you for it.

People’s praises will only go as far as a few hours and it will be forgotten but your kind acts of help when done with a purpose will be one that will live on for ever in the eyes of those you help and in the eyes of the Lord as well.

Let’s try by all means to be better people because I highly doubt that those that help just to brag have it all together. I am almost certain that they at some point in their lives also needed someone else’s help.

So lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. So people whom you have helped will remember you and remain indebted to you and others won’t and that’s okay.

As long as you did your part as a human and are living out your purpose, this is the best way you can then continue to shine light upon many lives you are able to change.

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