Monday 19 April 2021
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Is the beret making a comeback?

In today’s world, it would seem as if many people are going back in time, notably the 90’s trendy era. An era where elders wore vintage dungarees, Fila branded clothing, sneakers, fanny packs, wide hipster pants, paddle pushers and cat eyed sun glasses among many other clothing items.

And now the beret – a soft, round, flat crowned hat which is another fashion item that continues to sneak its way through many a closet.

At first glance, one cannot help but make reference to Argentine revolutionist Che Guevara who in most of his encounters always donned a series of berets, all with a different emblem attached onto the front side of it. And of course, the EFF in SA whose Parliamentary dress code is made up of a red overall and a red beret.

The beret is said to have been manufactured initially for the sole purpose of being worn as part of a uniform for those who worked in different military units across the world. Now it has become a must-have item for every fashionista.

With many fashion lovers spotted across all social media platforms wearing the beret, it is evident that the beret will soon become a favourite sported by many, especially those who experience an inordinate level of FOMO (fear of missing out) on things. The latest beret is now more edgy available in an array of colours.

But – take note  !  Knowing how to pair it is of paramount importance as owning one and knowing how to style it should be made a top priority. This sidenote is important before we have people walking out of their homes in pyjamas with a beret which is a definite No !

It is no secret that most Namibians love trends and the idea of many of them owning berets will develop soon, if it has not already. Lately. The Lounge has spotted well-known fashion blogger, designer and stylist Leah Misika effortlessly rocking various berets and we took it upon ourselves to find out how one could pair it with different looks and also to find out why she has decided to jump on the beret train as well.

Misika who has posted an array of images on to her Instagram account where she shows of a variety of looks. She also shows off how she manages to pair the berets she owns in different colours made for her by the talented Melisa Poulton. The berets are all sold for an affordable price starting from N$ 150 and upwards, depending on customer preferences.

Misika in her interview noted that as a fashion designer she has managed to design a small line of berets not only for herself, but for the public as well.

Misika says she jumped on the trend of berets due to the fact that she follows a lot of other fashion bloggers. She also noted that berets were a “winter must-have” head gear piece and her love for fashion just could not resist the urge to own a few.

“I fell in love with the idea of berets when I saw one beret that Dior designed and a few others designed and worn but fashion goddess Rihanna and Cardi B. From there on I wanted a leather beret for myself, but I could not find one and that is when I decided to make one for myself. I now also make berets in three different colours and textures, which I have made available to sell”.

She further advised people to wear berets to dress according to their comfort, but she highlighted the importance of keeping it simple as the beret should remain the main focus of one’s outfit.

“Whenever you want to rock a beret, try to keep everything understated in terms of clothing because the main focus should be on the head gear. As it is in most African countries head gear is always stands out whether it’s a bright coloured African print headscarf of traditional hats. Remember, nothing else matters if your head gear looks good.

This is sort of the same concept people should apply with the beret. Although it gets difficult at times to dress simple in winter, try by all means to keep a chilled tones of colours so the main focus is not shifted away from the statement piece”.

Looking on the brighter side of things for those who hardly get time to travel and experience fashion styles such as the beret in countries such as France, picking up and sticking to the trend of owning a beret will have almost anyone where feel as if they were in European countries where it is commonly worn.

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