Saturday 17 April 2021
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Phubbing- The beginning of a robotic revolution

Honestly speaking this generation, me included, have it so good – its bad! I sit and wonder sometimes how my parents did it and how their peers did it! They had no internet in an African context that is, let alone computers. Like are you telling me, they just made plans, tell each other to meet somewhere and just meet up? Good Lord if that’s the case then I am flabbergasted!  The last time I tried that I was stood up and to this day that person is still apologizing to me.  Okay, back to the main topic!

Have you ever been in a situation where things get so awkward you literally panic and grab for the nearest thing to avoid the confrontation! (Insert panicking imoji here)

I’ve been in so many incidents where I see someone I know, but not well enough to have the courage to greet them, or we’re friends on a social media platform but I’m not sure if we’re friends enough to actually be able to walk up to each other and actually say hi. (Insert thinking face imoji)

I remember during high school years I use to be 30-45 min early to every thing so I would always have a book with me to read, but now that I’m Wi-Fi conscious I cant go early to any place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi because I will be stuck there doing nothing, because I cant scroll through my feeds. (Insert Kim K ‘tragic’ GIF here)

It is very disheartening when one comes to the realization that although the internet has given us so much more information and has bridged an information gap for many all over the world, which means that a great deal of individuals now have the capacity to be connected to people halfway across the world. Amazing right? Maybe.

Despite the fact that I have the ability to video call and have conversations with amazing people in Germany whilst in Namibia, or am able to share a meme or chat to my loved ones in Malaysia, somehow I still fell disconnected to everyone else around me. Its as if we are breeding an environment that causes a yearning to be where we are not, an environment that feeds our minds that where ever you are is not as good as where you know there is life happening in places that is way different from your current location.

With technology and the internet advancing at the rate in which it is, our communities are so engulfed in it that we are the most disconnected connected generation to ever exist. We go about our daily lives having our face glued to screens and because everyone is doing it, very few people realize the extent at which we have given our time and efforts to the little computer that is constantly attached to our hand, you know one could say that is your hand now as its spends as much time being used in your hands as your hand is being used by you.

In 2012, a group of specialists gathered at the University Sydney, Australia to create a word that would describe the phenomenon that is anti social cellphone behavior. The word is phubbing and it means it as the practice of ignoring one’s companion or companions in order to pay attention to one’s phone or another mobile device.  Now the focus here is on prioritizing your mobile devices over the human interaction between you and the person that you’re accompanied with.

I think one of the problems we as a generation has is that we have become such an “insta-generation” that we need to do everything really fast and promptly and its gotten in the way of us being social adequate and with august etiquette at that too.

Lets try this, when your messages come through while you’re with someone give it a few minutes before you respond to texts, if its important they can call you back. But think of it like this; you’re having conversation with someone and every 5 minutes someone comes into between your conversation and you respond and get back to the prior convo and with this we loose substance in our conversations and later relationships.

We need to learn to do better and be better. If you can’t control your use of mobile devices then you are controlled by your mobile devices; that means the robotic revolution has already began and we are okay with it.

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