Wednesday 14 April 2021
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NSFAF allegedly pays funds into wrong accounts

The dark cloud of catastrophe that has been over shadowing the Namibian Student Financial Aid Fund (NSFAF) of late and seems to be causing a cycle of never ending problems.
Of recent, The Patriot has learned from former NSFAF award officer, Phuis Petrus based on records presented to this publication that those in charge of the fund had transferred more than N$ 837 000 that was budgeted for loans intended only for approved loan students into the accounts of students who did not qualify.
Petrus who had been employed at the fund since 2016, last year discovered that money was transferred wrongly when students who have had their loans approved complained that they were yet to receive their money.
Petrus noted that in the funds system, it showed that students were paid but the students claimed otherwise.
He then highlighted that he presented the complaints and also submitted the complaints via email on 19 April 2017 to the then acting manager of NSFAF Eben Ngulu and NSFAF supervisor Clint Simasiku who in return told him to not tell the students that the money was transferred wrongly but instead  to tell them to wait.
“Students kept coming to me inquiring about their loans and because I was pressurised I approached the manager and supervisor several times to tell him about the issue, in which I was told to not reveal what was going on to the students” he said.
Petrus explained that he conducted further investigations by logging into the system of the fund and going back and forth with the management to get to the bottom of how the money had been sent to students who are not even NSFAF beneficiaries.
Thereafter, he was allegedly threatened to let the issue go or he would be relieved of his duties and that the fund would sue him.
“I went into the system because I wanted to follow up on why the student’s loans were being delayed. I then found that the money was sent to account numbers that did not even match the ID numbers of those students that had their loans approved.
I then suggested I go to the bank to enquire on why these accounts were receiving money whilst they were rejected, but the bank asked me to get a letter from NSFAF giving me permission to allow the bank to follow up further.
That is when the problems between myself and the fund started. NSFAF refused and told me bluntly that it was not my job to do so” explained Petrus.
Petrus further explained that, he was then forced to call the holders of the accounts to which the funds were paid and ask them to sign a binding contract that requires them to pay the money back.
“This is not how it is supposed to work because students should first sign contracts before receiving the funds, but because they messed up they forced me to force students to sign” said Petrus.
He further stated that, the Fund now claims that Petrus himself was also involved in the matter as he was aware of it. He notes that this is not the case.
“I do not know why they did not do anything about it then, but now that I am no longer employed there, they are going around spreading fake news that I am making all of this up.
Why did they not do anything about it when I was there” alleges Petrus.
Petrus further stated that from an internal source in the fund, it has been revealed that NSFAF has been in the processes of trying to modify their records in order to cover their tracks.
However to their dismay Petrus had already gotten hold of the records.
NSFAF seemingly has also been trying to silence the young man from speaking out on the matter, through several phone calls made to him.
The fund earlier this week also sent out a public notice through social media, the NSFAF official website and various news media publications stating that Petrus, who is said to have worked for the fund as a temporary award officer was not who he claimed to be.
NSFAF noted that Petrus had introduced himself as a Business System Analyst and Developer but claimed that this was not this case.
A very distraught Petrus, who deems this as a form of deformation of character voiced his opinion on what NSFAF had said about him and highlighted that he was ready to present the records in front of relevant involved bodies.
“They are trying their best to tarnish my image, but I unfortunately, I have records that proof that all that I have said is true and I am willing to present them with no fear at all.
I am ready to present my case as well because I have never committed any wrong doing as an award officer while I was employed there.
If they are going around telling people that I am lying then why have they not opened up a case against me for what they claim I am lying about” he concluded.
Efforts reaching NSFAF for comments on the issue provide futile as response to inquiries were left unanswered.

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