Thursday 15 April 2021
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Mbidi and Rukoro continue their standoff

They agree to work together today and play cat and mouse the next day, this has become the new state of affair between Barry Rukoro and his boss Frans Mbidi at country’s football governing body.
The two have had a combative brouhaha relationship at the Namibia Football Association with each plotting the other’s exit. The on and off relationship has seen Rukoro being suspended more than once but ultimately surviving the axe at the call of the association’s executive committee.
During an Executive Committee meeting held at Safari Hotel last weekend in Windhoek, the 11 seating members resolved that the association’s out-of-contract secretary-general Rukoro stays on until the NFA’s elective congress takes place on 1 December 2018.
Rukoro’s term will run concurrent with the terms of the entire NFA executive members whose terms also lapse in December. The new executive will then decide if they still want to keep Rukoro.
At last weekend’s meeting, both Rukoro and Mbidi were asked to put their differences aside and work together during the interim towards the conference, after Rukoro got the backing of exco to stay on.
Sources privy to this fiasco say Mdidi had agreed to sign the part-time peace treaty, only to change his mind at the last minute stating that he does not wish to work with the Secretary General.
According to a source, exco had to arm-twist the President to drop his flip-flop tendencies and agree to the alternative that had been put forward; to which Mbidi succumbed.
Be that is it may, it is understood that the football association’s commander-in-chief cannot wait for December to get rid of Rukoro.
A close source to Mbidi say the President will use the interim period to clean the NFA or paint Rukoro with the right brush.
According to our source said there seem to be a counter witch-hunt launched against Mbidi.
“Everything Mbidi does, they will say that he is using NFA money just to destroy his name.
The man has businesses from where he gets money.”
“We need to find a solution to this infighting because we cannot have an association being threatened by one or two persons. December is very far for Mbidi and the courts take up so much time.”
The can of warms seem to open wider with news about companies that offered their services during the Cosafa Cup held at home in 2016 not yet paid making the rounds.
The source say it is rather puzzling how these companies have not yet been paid two years later.
“It comes with having uneducated people in positions. If you have people who are not educated running the institution, you cannot expect things to fall in place.
The players on the field are doing their job, we just need to clean the offices.”
The lack of education credentials on the side of Rukoro have been brought to light on numerous occasions with many accusing the Chief Administrator of not having acquired Grade 10 competence.
Although it has come out in the public that the two cannot stand each other, their relationship behind doors carries a different narrative.
One such occasion is the chronicles around the hastely signed contract of employment of Rukoro which has been fingered as a piece of joke with a lot of contradictions.
The contract, which is in the tight hands of the executive committee is said to have is a clause stating that Rukoro will remain employed until he turns 60.
In the same contract, it is stated that Rukoro’s employment will cease after 24 months.
The contract is said to have been signed in Mexico City, Mexico with only the PRO as witness. It is believed that this signing happened during the time when the two were on cordial terms.
When things get tight, Mbidi has been seen arriving at seating with body-guards for his safety.
As all roads lead to the congress, the executive appointed an Electoral Committee over the weekend.
In accordance, with the provisions of the NFA Electoral Code, former Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) Chairperson Vivian Katjiuongua is joined by Trevor Brockeshoff and Eric Kemanya onto the Electoral Committee for the December 2018 Election of the new NFA Executive Committee.
The trio will be deputised by Avia Kaunalenga and Abed Theofilus while the Appeal Committee consist of Slysken Makando, Franco Cosmos and Leslie Goraseb, who will be deputized by Jona Dumba Kamwanya and Boston Likando.
The Electoral Committee will be responsible for all administrative and management responsibilities of the NFA elections. Including ensuring that everything possible is done for the elections to be fair and transparent.
The Executive Committee meeting also adopted that, in the interest of Football and in the spirit of finding a solution to the current impasse engulfing the administration at NFA, Secretary General Barry Rukoro will continue with his duties at the Association until the elections in December.
The current leadership of football in Namibia were voted into office in December 2014 with chairman and President of the NFA Mbidi elected unopposed, to become the eight President of the Association.

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