Wednesday 14 April 2021
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D-Jay signs to new record label

Having been on the down low for some time now because of the struggles he faced as an artist’s due to the lack of a strong management support system that he did not have.

D-jay has now found a new home under Serbian-born Djokic Dragan, also known as Antonio’s, record label, Deal Done Records.

A quick walk down memory lane revisiting D-jays path in the music industry, a few years ago he took the Namibian hip-hop industry by storm with having released ‘Listen to your heart’ that hit about 15 thousand views on YouTube which was a lot at the time.

No one could ever forget the impact that very song had on many, as its aim was to encourage the idea of always seeing the brighter side of circumstances despite all the hurdles faced through life.

The message which he shared almost six years ago through the song is one that reflected D-jays life before he received the opportunity to sign to Deal Done Records. His career which has been in the slumps and has been hitting a slow decline seem like one that he is optimistic about and believes that he is about to rise to fame once again.

During a telephonic interview, a very excited D-jay who was on his way back from an interview with Fresh FM, ecstatically told The Lounge that he was super excited because he has been waiting for somebody to come his way an offer him such an opportunity.

He revealed that ever since 2014 when he left his previous record label that had been managing him then, his career took a turn for the worst.

“Things started to go wrong when it came to my career, I am one of those artists that needs someone behind them constantly just to push me because I tend to struggle with keeping track of certain things. I needed proper structuring and management just to help me grow as an artist”.

He explained that before signing to Done Deal Records, as an artist he has been trying to get music out on his own however that proved futile as it did not come with much success. However as life would have it, Antonio is said to have been in a back and forth discussion with D-jay for a number of years and recently decided to give working with D-jay a shot.

“We spoke many times and finally we sat down drafted up a contract which I was happy with and decided to take it up. I am also happy that he is solely focusing on me as a rapper, now knowing that in terms of rap music the focus will be put on me and that we are not as many rappers signed under one label is great as well”.

I addition, Antonio highlighted that he for a number of years he has been keeping tabs on D-jay, and always took it upon himself to question why such great talent was going to waste.

“His talent is visible and just to note that ever since artists such as KP Illest came onto the scene rap music has started to grow, and that was the reason why I also decided to sign D-jay because I know he has the potential to break across the borders.

We are in the process of already finishing up an album that we are planning to release soon, it just needs a few touch ups and we are good to go”.

As D-jays new manager, Antonio is now dedicating his time to making sure that D-jay releases his songs with great music videos, gets booked for shows and as well enter the NAMAs.

“All these are my obligations, he may not have been lucky enough with previous record labels but I see the potential in him and I see him growing as an artist”.

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