Friday 18 June 2021
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Creativity should not be forced!

Once upon a time people produced amazing work and sadly after getting noticed, they forgot what it takes to produce amazing work and that it takes time. Once used to being applauded, they forget  that well-crafted work takes time.

This has been happening a lot lately especially when it comes to musicians. Once they release a hit music video, a bunch follow from the same artist ( albeit at a lower standard ) without even allowing people to digest the previous video released.

I get it, it is exciting when people gas you up, and I mean who does not like being the talk of the town or being in every news publication?  But puh-leeze, give fans and the like a bit more time to enjoy your work.

See it this way if you produce too much at once which song do you then expect people to groove to? How about allowing your music to become a household name before thinking about dropping something else.

Forced work always shows, and it rarely ever shows its great side. I do not really want to pin point to a certain artist, but I believe that when you want to do things in a rush you lose your plot and your true identity.

However, since you insist I’ll refer to the artist known as ‘Mr cool your brakes down’, who has gained notoriety for being a copycat because he makes use of other musicians lines. I mean are these his words or the original owner’s words very confusing I must say?

Now he is out here looking messy among many people because the rush to put work out for him is at an all-time high. Which brings me back to why people shouldn’t look at what others are doing and feel as if they are not doing enough.

Things take time, like they say “good things come to those who wait “. Trust me as I make reference to KK who recently just dropped an amazing music video which sends shivers down our spines. KK has been rather quiet for some time which actually had people wondering if he had given up on music.

Little did we know that he was busy cooking up a storm for us in the studio. I believe many upcoming artists should learn from those that have been longer in the game.

We have Gazza, who has had some songs for years and up to date are still yet to have music videos of their own. And during an interview with him once, I remember him clearly highlighting that he was in no rush because he wanted to give his fans videos that would move them.

We now have Lady May who has rebranded herself to Lady May Africa and we are excited to see what she has in store for us this time around but not once during her rebranding process did she constantly release crappy work just to stay relevant.

So please tog artists whatever craft of work you choose to dip into, I encourage you to do it with time, produce good work and then share it with the public. You are building a brand for yourself, so let it be a good one.

Do not worry about being in the mouths of many who may claim that you are not doing much, especially people who aren’t even artists themselves. Let them first go and try things out for themselves.

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