Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Anna talks BFM ..Beauty Fashion & Modelling

The fashion, beauty and modelling industry would not fully flourish if it were not for those at the back of it.

Models who are scouted to take part in fashions shows and make-up launches play a very important role in making certain events happen. They ensure that certain beauty products and services are desired by the public.

The Lounge met up with the ever so beautiful Anna Shiweda, who is surely growing into the perfect exceptional hard working woman she ought to be.

One look at her and one would think she’s a dream, having been bold enough a few months ago by shaving off all her hair and dying it blond just like that of Amber Rose. Ever heard of the saying ‘a woman that cuts her hair is a woman that’s about to change her life’. Shiweda claims that to have been her moment of turning around challenging her to go boldly where she never has.

Shiweda has worked with top photographers such as Bigg Ayo Photography, based in the United Kingdom while she also worked with well-known Namibian photographer Azo Akweenda in various beauty shoots.

Apart from just being a perfect face for images that is always face beat to perfection, Shiweda has also managed to land herself in the seventh edition of Namibia Wedding Magazine.

The magazine which makes available great wedding tips, on topics such as the best hair do’s for styling on one’s big day, makeup advice, wedding décor with personalised stories by brides on how they managed to prepare for their weddings before the day where you say ”I do” happens.

In the magazine Shiweda can be spotted wearing, wedding gowns from Lavender Tales Brides, an exclusive Bridal Boutique and Consultancy. She has also worn dresses made by fashion designer, Melissa Poulton.

Shiweda has walked the run way of the Windhoek Fashion Week (WFW) last year as a first time experience, where she modelled for designers Santia Poroto. Here she helped to bring out the afro-chic element in a traditionally inspired outfit.

Other designers that she has also worn at the WFW, were of the likes of Ingo Shanyenge and clothing brand Foxxy by Foxyginnah.

During her interview with The Lounge, Shiweda noted that growing up she always enjoyed modelling. Over the years she grew in confidence with everything she did, and in modelling  this is an important trait to have.

“The people whom we surround ourselves with are so important for our self-confidence and that is how I grew confidence in myself”, enthuses Shiweda.
She highlighted that modelling was however a difficult task to take on as no amount of YouTube videos she watched quite pushed her like the people she surrounded herself with.

Being featured in Namibia Wedding Magazine was an all-time high for her. Shiweda courageously submitted a few of her photo’s to them because at the time the magazine was searching for models. She remembers her anxiety but however overcame it when she was among those chosen for a shoot in the south.

“I was fortunate enough to have been chosen alongside many other beautiful ladies besides it having been new to me I deemed myself ready and I pulled it off well”.

Shiweda has also found herself in one of the country’s most prestigious beauty pageants and describes the feeling as one that is still so surreal and overwhelming.

“At this point, I’m just really filled with so much gratitude and looking forward to the journey.

This is a great opportunity to become an even better version of myself. Pageants are way more accepting of different healthy body types than the fashion/modelling industry and that promotes self-love and self-acceptance.

Friends and family have always been the driving force behind her dream to excel in modelling,” stated Shiweda.  She looks forward to many great experiences through this journey of her life.

“I also look forward to creating positive role models, learning more and promoting women empowerment and just teaching women that they are powerful in their own right which a blessing to say the least”.

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