Sunday 20 June 2021
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Your innocence misses you

I had a conversation with a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years. Man, was it eye opening! This friend shook me and almost turned my world upside down in a matter of minutes!

“Be Patient. Great things have small beginnings.” 9 November 2012, “Love is the desire to benefit others at ones own expense because love desires to give.” 28 September 2012, “Stop giving someone else the job of making you happy” 14 November 2011 and I can list many more post from my Facebook timeline, but I need to get to the point of this.

So this friend, seven years older than me, brought me down to earth so quick my mouth is still full of blood from the impact! He mentioned how he was worried about me and that he noticed my tone and manner in which I express myself is so polar opposite, he is beginning to think the person he talking to at the moment [me] could be a ‘catfish’. Actually what shook me the most was “I find no inspiration in you anymore, I could talk to you with the world on my shoulders and walk away with a little more strength to finish carrying that world.”

I know right! Way too intense for a catch up! But it was so necessary.

In the few minutes that my friend and I spoke, my mind just opened up and I totally came to a realization of numerous things!
Firstly, I realized that over time we loose ourselves so badly that we don’t even realize it because the intensity of it just seems natural. We battle so many things and allow external forces to break and bend us so much and loose ourselves in the process.

In our endeavor to reach ultimate levels of adulting, we go astray from the path of our innocence so immensely and don’t realize how the harshness of the journey just defiles our morals and identity.

Yes! I get it. It really is a cold world and one has to grow a thick skin in order to just survive, let alone live your best life.

But do we really have to allow it to affect our personal lives so intensely?

Should we really be okay with it desecrating our spirit being and moral compasses at such levels?

Secondly, your friends really play a prodigious role in your adventure to adulthood. I look at all my friends now and compare them to those of a few years back and every friend or a  person who played a senior role in my life warned me of or advised me on has made themselves decamp from my life.

They have either contributed to the “me” that once was so innocuous, in a good or bad way that has all boiled down to the “me” I am today – not even so sure if the “me” I am today is good or bad.

I think for our own good we need to sit down and reflect, making sure who we are, our innocent dreams and our aspirations are still kempt. To try and come back to who we are and realize that the things you use to stand for need to still be apart of your foundations.

Here’s a word of advice – start diarizing everything that you want, that you need and that you aspire to be; that’s if you don’t diarize at all. And if you use to write down these things go back to them, read them and remind yourself about what you wanted.

But most of all try to go back and see who you were and who you are now and if you are not too far from that, honestly I applaud you for your resilience. If you have a tremendous difference we need to work on that and I totally understand why you stand where you stand. Now lets take a deep breath and reset.

Don’t allow the intensity of this world to change your attitude, grow a thick skin if you need to but stay as personal as you can. Its enough that we do our 7-5’s in robotic states, lets not interact with each other the same way.

Remember as much as you feel your life is tough there’s someone with way more dreadful circumstances, lets not contribute to it; rather try to alleviate that for them by just being gracious.

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