Sunday 20 June 2021
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No mother should bury her child

We switch on the TV almost every day and see how gun violence around the world has destroyed certain countries and communities. We overlook that in some cases children shoot up schools and wonder why certain governments allow people who are not competent enough to use guns to own them.

We send out messages, Facebook posts, tweets and post pictures captioning them with pray for this country or pray for a said individual implicated with gun violence in European countries, yet we forget that gun violence is vastly growing in Namibia.

Slowly but surely we are breeding the idea that owning a gun for fun is okay but we do not encourage the idea that one should only own a gun when they are  mentally and physically fit to. I feel like people do not get the idea of what a gun should really be used for.

A gun is there for protection and that’s it. Gun owners should not go around misusing the fire arm by trying to scare people because it can go off at any time and once it’s off it may end up killing someone and we all know that death can never be reversed, unless you are Jesus Christ.

How many young men do our mothers have to bury because their sons who went out on a night out ?  So many do not return home because there are bigger agents of Satan out there ready to attack their sons with guns for no reasons whatsoever.

Mothers now have to stay up late worrying sick about their sons because it is evident that in a country like Namibia they are not safe. How many tears should our mothers cry before perpetrators realise that losing someone in such an awful manner is uncalled for.

A life lost through gun violence is a life to many! Just a few months ago the youth mourned the death of Neyman Amakali who was shot because of road rage, note that he had not done anything but unfortunately found himself at the wrong place and the wrong time. And up to date his killer is yet to be found.

I don’t understand why his killer was so bold enough to climb out of his car and shoot at the young man but is up to date not bold enough to turn himself in. This just proves that men in general are just plain weak and they tend to find their strength in fire arms.

We now have a young man Helao Ndjaba who lost his life because he was shot twice in the head. Helao was not only a son or brother to many but was also a father and the bread winner for his household. A few years ago I lost a friend through gun violence as well. And I have seen how his death negatively affected his family.

These were all young men who still had a future ahead of them and now they are not able to live it out because a bullet with a stupid owner decided to cut their life short. It makes me even madder knowing that the people who are supposed to protect us seem to be slacking in their duties. I really think that it’s high time the government implemented some sort of strategy to find means to regulate gun purchases in Namibia. Because we can’t be losing our brothers, friends, uncles and husbands to gun violence no more.

Helao Ndjaba – May his soul rest in peace.

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