Monday 12 April 2021
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MTCs eyes firmly on nationwide coverage

The country’s biggest mobile operator, MTC, says its plans to provide network coverage to the entire country is in full swing with hefty investments lined up to ensure successful implementation of the project.
The MTC ‘081 everyone’ project was launched last year in August by MTC with the support of government and is estimated to cost around N$1.1 billion. This investment would see an additional 100 000 mobile users added onto the country’s growing mobile networks.
As government continues with its goal to close connectivity gaps in rural areas since independence, MTC observed that people in rural areas haven’t enjoyed the same network benefits as people in urban areas. Therefore, in an attempt to redress this ‘081 everyone’ provides proof that MTC is dedicated to stop or at least reduce the gaps.
The mobile telecommunications company will disburse 524 new towers, many of which will be erected on farms in the pursuit to provide 100% network coverage.
MTC’s Public Relations Officer Erasmus Nekundi said so far a total of 28 network sites have been upgraded from the 2G to 3G plus 6 new network sites.
“The project is progressing very well and we are continuing to roll out new sites and upgrades, so far a few have been erected in the Omusati region and we are planning to switch to the Zambezi region very soon and to other rural areas in all regions” said Nekundi.
Nekundi is appealing to the affected residents in all regions to be patient as the process of erection takes time to approve applications and get connected.Minister of Information and Communication Technology Stanley Simataa was last month quoted in a local daily saying “in today’s era where telecommunications network connectivity is a necessity. Network coverage has become one of the crucial wheels that drive the social and economic development for the people.
It is now 28 years post-independence and access to quality network connectivity should no longer a privilege enjoyed by a small fraction of the population.  It is an essential service which all citizens of the republic both in rural or urban settings should have excess to.”
“Customer insights reveal that access to reliable networks have become increasingly critical and this for us presents a huge opportunity. Our plan is to ensure every customer in this beautiful land has connectivity and can access it affordably and at zero installation cost” according to MTC Chief Human Capital Officer Tim Ekandjo. Ekandjo noted that Namibians are embracing an increasingly digital enabled lifestyle driven by growing smartphone uptake, advanced 3G and 4G networks and smart connected homes. Therefore MTC’s investment in this project will go a long way towards meeting this emerging customer segment within a fast evolving technology landscape.
In an interview with The Patriot Oshana governor Cleophas Kashuupulwa noted that his region faces serious challenges when it comes to cellular network, adding that in some remote areas there is very poor network reception.
Kashuupulwa said areas such as Uuvudhiya constituency, Okatjali, Okatana, Ompundja, Uukwiyuushona and Ongwediva Constituency have particularly suffered due to poor network connections, but he remains hopeful that under the project the additional towers will improve the provision and quality of coverage.
“The first towers were already set up at Okatana and at Uuvudhiya. I understand other MTC towers will still be erected at identified places.
I am happy as this long standing issue of MTC network coverage in the region is being gradually addressed as resources become available,” he said.
Kunene Governor Marius Sheya is overwhelmed by the idea of ‘081 everyone’ and he stated that it is a very important what MTC is doing.
“I am happy that MTC is rolling it out, through this project they are bringing services closer to the people and connecting them to the outside world. I believe that not everything can happen at once, hence we felt bad in the past years over the lack of cellular networks in our areas but our prayers have certainly been answered,” he said.

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