Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Krisjans a café hoppers dream

Cafes are a great place to start, when seeking for a quiet yet friendly atmosphere to eat. Here one can socialise and have casual engagements and conduct business meetings.

Book worms and the likes also benefit from cafes as they may find a cosy area to sit, dream and reflect or read a book. You can aim to get some work done that they have been putting off for some time.
Quite a number of cafes are established in Namibia, all with a different twist to them. These cater to a variety of café hoppers’ taste.

The Lounge visited Krisjans Bistro which has become a favourite amongst many. With its aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and a look that can be described as welcoming, it’s hard not to make a regular stop to visit the bistro.

Surrounded by high blue walls, with various seating stools and green pots of plants in every corner – this all makes for a great sightseeing scenery spot whilst seated outside Krisjans.

If you have ever had any type of Instagram picture goals, then this is definitely the right place to snap a series of images.

Apart from just the scenery, the laid back vibe whilst bids chirp from the roof top of the bistro is another experience on its own.

With a mouth-watering menu scribbled on a light blue board, Krisjans should definitely be on the list of ones eating bucket list.

Known for its great big tasty burgers and drink specials throughout the week the bistro has worked on a menu that would continue to bring a sense of enjoyment for their customers throughout the winter season.

Having introduced ‘Hot chocolate Monday’s’, which as its name describes is a glass of hot chocolate served with a covered marshmallow stick, the bistro surely aims to keep its consumers happy and warm.

Among other warmer drinks that the bistro offers is an artful warm cup of cappuccino which a thick topping of foamed milk, expressos, macchiato and an array of lattes.

Such as Marsala chai latte which is made of mixed spice tea and almond milk, Turmeric Latte made of turmeric, ginger, honey and flavoured latte which gives those that order it an option to choose between hazelnut, vanilla, toffee nut, gingerbread or apple pie.

The choice of herbal and imported teas such as rooibos, Ceylon, vanilla bourbon, earl grey, jasmine, lemon tea, chamomile and peppermint are also served.

The bistro has also made a name for itself through its most ordered famous Krisjans hot chocolate drink. The thought of floating marshmallows on top of warm chocolate is definitely a must-try.

With such a large variety of hot drinks to choose from at a rather fairly affordable price, this winter is surely a season that can be enjoyed whilst spending time at the bistro.

Manager of Krisjans Bistro, Vicky Williamson during an interview with The Lounge spoke highly of the bistro noting that the menu is something they usually play around with more options as to what people would be open to eating and drinking.

“The menu is something which is touchy feely, it is something we test out and if something doesn’t seem right then we try other food as well.

When we updated our menu earlier his year we added pancakes and a lot of gluten free healthy food. We did so because one of our aims here is to promote the culture of healthy eating”.

On Tuesday, pensioners receive a cup of coffee with a slice of cake and the happy cocktail hour on Saturdays was a move that has been well accepted by the public.

“The great part about the hot chocolate Monday is that our hot chocolate is a different, which comprises of a bunch of marshmallows on a chocolate stick which gets melted in the hot chocolate”.

The bistro also focuses on creating employment for the youth, as it now has more than twenty people working there.

Krisjans has become very popular especially for business people in the surrounding area of Ausspannplatz and is said to be doing very well. If there is ever a period in your life where you find yourself doing nothing and would like to unwind in a relaxed place, this is a place to visit as it opens as early as 7 am and closes as late as 10 pm on a busy night.

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